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  1. Decided to play around with this a bit.. nothing exceptional, no flashy graphics, just a plain black background since I don't use wallpapers. mack.sensorpanel
  2. What about going at it a different way? Instead of sending a pre-rendered bitmap to be displayed, simply send plain text data and let the actual app do the rendering based upon the data received? Use the processing power of the tablet/phone instead of making AIDA64 on the PC do all the work. I can't imagine it would be too difficult to design a fairly simple (to start with) app that gave users let's say a square grid of X 'slots'. They get to pick which style is displayed in each box (e.g. graph, bar, text, gauge) and then what data to display on that box. Extremely oversimplifying it of c
  3. What are the chances of implementing support for tablets? How incredibly awesome would it be to be able to stand my nice 10" tablet up next to my monitor and have AIDA64 stats for my PC displayed? Compared to a 2.5" little LCD screen? Pfft.. Basically just an AIDA64 app that receives data from my PC AIDA64 software and allows me to do some of the things I can do with the SensorPanel currently in AIDA64 on my PC. Could even start out simple and have preset 'modules' to display in the app, then if successful start allowing more and more customization. Or alternatively treat it like you do th
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