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  1. OK! Actually, I don't need this feature. Just noticed bug and informed you. Thanks for your help again! Best regards!
  2. I found reason of BSOD. It was obsolete Creative driver CT_OAL.DLL ( Actually even official ALCapsViewer tool caused BSOD, not only your program. But after renaming CT_OAL.DLL in CT_OAL.BAK the problem was gone. About VINR0/Aux I understood. OK. BTW, HWiNFO32 have many bugs too (wrong fan speed data, no SPD/CPU status on Summary tab, jumping values etc), although it's also good program, albeit less advanced. So what about "CPU Tweakings" applet? Benchmarking does not work on it, although "Cache & Memory Benchmark" working correctly.
  3. Although.. there is another one issue. BSOD on "Multimedia - OpenAL" tab. In Everest 5.50.2253 Beta too. Just when trying to open it. As far as I remember, before this problem was not, so maybe I have something wrong with the system, maybe no, AIDA is too complex program to cover all cases and configurations, so all such bugs are normal and inevitable, but can you try to fix it too, if it possible? Mini dump of memory. If necessary I can make full too. And also benchmarking on "CPU Tweakings" applet does not work: In Everest 5.50.2253 Beta all was OK. So fix it too, please. ) And I j
  4. OK! No more questions. Thanks for the support. Good luck!
  5. Big thanks! Now all fine! I understood about NB fan. Then last question. I have two memory modules installed. One of them detected on SPD tab as "SK Hynix HYMD264 646A8-H": The second one has no such info and detected simply as noname module: Is it bug of program or just this module has no SPD info? But module qualitative. TwinMOS DDR266. Maybe still there is a way to extract SPD information from it? I can provide you all necessary dumps if required.
  6. Ðhh. Ok, thanks! AIDA the best! No equal.
  7. Hello! All works now! No more wrong info. Thanks a lot! About chassis fan it was my fault because I lowered the speed of this fan with resistor: And it's detected by the sensor only after updating info on hardware ASUS iPanel device. But seems that speed is detected incorrectly. Actual speed is twice less. Or is it because I used the resistor? But power fan has resistor too and its speed detected correctly. Also strange, that without resistor, speed of chassis fan only a half times more: Whereas speed of power fan w/o the same re
  8. Hey! Tell me please, what is "ISA"? Is it program like AIDA or something else?
  9. Hello! I've downloaded latest version of AIDA64 (4.70.3200) and it doesn't show information about cooling fans on "Sensor" tab and in "System Stability Test" applet. Also on "Chipset" - "North Bridge Properties" - "Supported Memory Types" seems that present wrong information about RDRAM memory types, which this motherboard, as I understand, does not actually support. In Everest 5.50.2253 Beta all was OK. Fix it please! Also this MB have another 2 fan connectors for North Bridge chip (NB_FAN) and chassis (CHA_FAN). Add them in your program too please
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