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  1. Thx for the reply. That doesnt work since I already Logitech Enable ARX LCD Support checked. And there is still no choice for AIDA64 in the Logitech ARX iphone app. Tried rebooting several times, and I still only have the My Games, G Keys, Media, and PC Stats. No AIDA64 icon like in your pic above. Is there more than one app in the Apple store? I just searched for "ARX" and only 1 x logitec app came up, and it looks the same as yours, except I dont have the AIDA icon.
  2. I'm VERY new at this ... But all I can see is: How do I get the different info or interfaces you guys have? I have AIDA64 5.00.3300 I have Logitech Gaming Software 8.57.145 Im using an Apple Iphone 6 and the only app I could find on the Apple store, searching for "arx", is Arx Control (screenshot above). There is no way to customize anything?
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