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  1. Updated it to include drives and some additional info etc.. Now all that you can get out of the area is there and then some.... I know its not as pretty as some of them posted here but it fits what i need it for and gives me all possible info lol.. Was going for all info in the smallest foot print possible. Edited - added same panel with black bg.. May appear better on some displays. Also added time... not sure why i missed that... added the black one to pref with bars change to black bg as well. 2015-01-19.sensorpanel 2015-01-19_black.sensorpanel
  2. Man some of these templates are very nice. There are some that I would like to try but arent shared with the export. :-( I threw this together so i could display on an external usb display. Wanted simplistic yet informative. Still adding/removing things as well as moving them around. No where near some of the nice ones that have been posted but thought I would share just incase someone else may need one similar.. Removed the ext ip though via photoshop.. Adding hd temp info next.. they are ssds and well ventalated so not really critical to see... Cyan is static text/labels. Green is usually items that will change/variable orange is voltage/temp 2015-01-17.sensorpanel
  3. Ok thanks for the clarification. I appreciate it.
  4. I understand they are virtual but i have seen them spike in other software. Other monitoring software do display them such as Core Temp, hwinfo, basic disktop gadgets etc. Would I be able to pull the data in if this doesnt support it out of the box? I would hate to have to run two pieces of software but definitely like to keep an eye on them as well.
  5. Hello, I just recently built a new system based on the 5960x and Asus REV board. I am currently in your trial stage of the Aida 64 Extreme software since outside of stress testing i wanted a good monitor. I am am builing my own sensor pannel and noticed that on the temps for the processor cores its only listing the main cores and not the hyperthreaded cores. Is there a way to enable that? I would like to keep an eye on all cores especially when benching/stress testing. Right now I am getting the main 8 but not the others. Is this a limitation of the trial version or software itself? This would be a deal break on purchasing if it can not diplay them all. If I am simply missing them or the option please advise. I do see the utilization for all 16 just not the temps. Thanks in advance for your help. Thanks
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