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  1. Decided to use an old Android tablet as a display (works well on phones also) and mounted it near my computer. I took the original example posted in this forum and tweaked it. Aida64 LCD cpu gpu net web sensorpanel v10.zip
  2. luvsmobile, Would you mind sharing some of your sensorpanel files? Thanks.
  3. Used Booers panel and modified it. I use Rainmeter so I needed a narrower panel to fit at the bottom of my Rainmeter sidebar. Edited/Updated (04-11-2015): I tweaked it further, made a few more improvements and replaced the files with the updated versions (e.g., switched out RAM temps for VRM, spacing improved, and tweaked some of the max values). Attached Thumbnail Attached File AIDA64 default cpu gpu net v7.sensorpanel
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