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  1. The font is called Terminus. The flash-symbols in the voltage-display are from a symbolfont called MarVoSym, the arrows in netmeter are from the font WingDings. Terminus and MarVoSym are in the attached Zip-file. The sensorpanel and the images are in Casio.zip. Fonts.zip Casio.zip
  2. This looks great! Here is my attempt to create a Casio-like panel. I used another font (monospace), but the work is still in progress.
  3. Here it is. The original font has no degress symbol, so I had to edit it. The Weather and the Binary Clock are Rainmeter Skins, I edited the weather skin and change the icons to match my sensorpanel. Not sure if you want the Rainmeter skins too? 2020-12-29.sensorpanel Digital-7 Mono.ttf
  4. I like your Lego frame, nice idea.
  5. WiP: Left half of the screen is Aida64, right half rainmeter.
  6. May this help: http://forum.asrock.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=8378&title=how-to-enable-erp-on-x299-professional-gaming
  7. I think it's a BIOS Option. Search for 'ErP Ready' and switch it to 'Enabled'.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I will try to order this from Taobao, but the site is only in chinese and so I must use google translator. I'm not shure if Taobao delivers to germany.
  9. Work in progress: the binary clock and the weather widget is from Rainmeter (I changed only the color).
  10. May be. But I want to know from where he get the plastic-case for the display. I cut a plastic picture frame (it's more an experiment) and it works, but it looks not 'professional' enough.
  11. May I ask where you got the frame (btw. the backplate) for the display from?
  12. Since a few days I own an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X. I want gauges for for the CPU clock cores, but 16 gauges are a little bit to much for my small display (Mimo 7" USB-Display). So I build a set of double (half) gauges. As font I used Consolas with size 8. Hope you enjoy it. Double_Gauge.rar
  13. I'm using a 7" MiMo USB-Display with a resolution of 800x480 for my sensorpanel. I modified the medium standard gauges a little bit, hope you enjoy it. Custom_Gauge.zip
  14. I noticed that external fan speed in percent is implemented in the latest beta. And it is functioning. Great work. But there is an (small) issue: My Asus GTX 1080 is semi passive and I configured it so, that fans started at 55°C with 35%. AIDA64 is reporting this fine, but with something like a kind of time lag. Sensor Display starts with 2-3% and than goes in steps from 2-3% until 35%. That takes about 60 seconds. When the fans stopped it is the same, the display changes slowly until it reached 0%.
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