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  1. Aww Thanks for your reply, nonetheless. I just got an idea... I know a bit of Java myself and always wanted to get into programming apps for Android. If you want, I could have a look at the sources and try to find a solution myself. If you like what I did, you can merge it into your code. But I totally would understand if you don't want to share your code or want someone to botch around in your code.
  2. Hi odospace, this could work, I played around with it for a few minutes. Would you consider adding the scaling feature in future versions? I would really appreciate it! Thanks for your fast response!
  3. Hi odospace! Thank you for your work and time! It looks like a really solid app! May I request a feature? I have a Galaxy Tab Pro LTE and on the 2.560 x 1.600 (WQXGA), the gauges are way to small to see Could you include a scaling functionality? Maybe set the device resolution in Aida to half the value of the actual screen and let the scaling do the rest. I can't use the rest of the screen anyway Edit: Btw, you have a nice logo for the app, but I had a hard time to find it in my tray, as there was really dark part of my background and the black lines vanished completely. Maybe y
  4. Hey everyone Has anyone found a way to use the normal Gauges instead of the Arc Gauges?
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