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  1. Please add support for Asus H81M-V3 isasensordump: http://pastebin.com/Gkjx021W
  2. No, in Power-Off (shutdown) mode. Thanks
  3. I was read somewhere that AIDA64 may cause battery self-discharge, is it correct? http://www.notebookreview.com/news/is-your-notebook-battery-losing-life-fast-it-might-not-be-a-battery-problem/
  4. No, it doesn't. So it may be Single Edit: HWiNFO64 reports Dual Channel too =/
  5. 1. But it also shows activity for other things too like OpenCL, video playback, desktop animations and else 2. No, I guess it has only one 2GB onboard memory. How can I check if it's really dual or single? SPD doesn't report anything too =/
  6. I would like to see each CPU Core Multipliers in the Overclock section too For example for a dual core CPU: CPU Multiplier: CPU Core 1 Multiplier: CPU Core 2 Multiplier:
  7. 1. I have noticed that AIDA64 doesn't show the GPU Load for Bay Trail-M while GPU-Z can show it. 2. I have Lenovo S20-30 (N2830,2GB). AIDA64 reports that the Memory Bus Type is Dual DDR3 but I think it's Single
  8. ISA Sensor Dump: https://www.sendspace.com/file/d91sg8
  9. I have noticed that the +12V of Gigabyte GA-P41T-D3 is wrong smbusdump_full.txt
  10. AIDA64 really needs a good user interface for both OSD and RemoteSensor
  11. I had Asus B85-Plus/P8B75-V before and they had no PCH temperature/VBattery in the BIOS but AIDA64 could read it Are you using F5 BIOS? -128C occurred one time for CPU temperature and it wasn't AIDA64's fault, made my fans running too slow but fixed with Power Off, got so scared though Yes, I saw "PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller" in Other devices one time after running the old version of AIDA64 but can't see it anymore. What's that?
  12. Thanks for the Fan fix I believe it's Temperature 5/6:
  13. HWiNFO64 reports the PCH temperature correctly, 45C Thank you very much Edit: The BIOS date is wrong too:
  14. Just got Gigabyte GA-H97-D3H today and found few bugs here: 1. PCH temperature is wrong! 2. CPU OPT should be named Chassis #1 smbusdump_full.txt isasensordump.txt
  15. I couldn't find anywhere to check the GPU usage of the iGPU but no problem in GPU-Z
  16. Yep, it's better but can be better too
  17. Aha, but it's still the old date in the Final 3.20 version Firmware Date 7/31/2011
  18. I found this problem too. Would you fix it later?
  19. I would like to see the sensor panel more beautiful and with the native windows style
  20. That's why I want to see AIDA64 perfect Maybe we'll see OpenGL stress test later
  21. Wohoo, can't wait Anyway, I didn't get why there're two different dates
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