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  1. Windows 10 has a multiple desktops feature and I'd like to dedicate a desktop to system monitoring. When I have for example Riva Tuner opened on a desktop and I switch to another desktop Riva Tuner does not show and that's what I want. This is not the case with Sensor Panel it stays showing across all desktops. I have checked and unchecked the various Sensor Panel options under preferences but I don't think it's possible to achieve what I need. Hoping Sensor panel can be made Windows 10 multiple desktop aware? Thank you.
  2. Thanks a lot Fiery, works great as usual, makes sensor panel usage more friendly now :-)
  3. Thanks Fiery, yes I have AIDA64 loading at start up and with the main window hidden and if show sensor panel is checked it shows automatically which is fine, but I don't always want to have the sensor panel showing, so at the moment, if it's not showing I need to open main window again and run through the steps to make it show/not show. So I just thought it might be good to have a toggle from the system tray AIDA64 icon popup menu or the ability to make a shortcut operable from the tray or desktop. Still sensor panel is a great way to monitor the system from the desktop, so thanks a lot.
  4. At the moment , unless I'm wrong, in order to display the sensor panel on the desktop you need to 1. open AIDA64 2. go to the file menu 3. select preferences 4. select the sensor panel 5. check show sensor 6. hit apply 7. hit ok 8. close AIDA64 window. Just wonder if it might be possible to have a creatable short cut to the sensor panel?
  5. This is what I have made up, just used a part of my wallpaper as an image and moved it to the top of the list in SensorPanel Manager so it looks like the panel is suspended over the desktop. This latest release of AIDA64 is the biz, because now I can monitor on the desktop as I test new overclocks and bench as well as monitor all system stats while in game. Just a fantastic piece of software :-). Thanks to Fiery and team ! An UPDATE to give an idea how this can look on a desktop, here is a link to a new sensor panel I made up in use.
  6. The ability to monitor relevant in game [3D] system readouts via a software implementation like RivaTuner offered or offers on screen would, I'm sure, see the take-up and usage of this already outstanding application increase significantly. Maybe we could see a team-up temporary or otherwise with Unwinder to achieve this end result? Plugins already exist for various hardware etc. etc.