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  1. It doesnt help at all. When i disable Logitech G19 support , then latency drops. I'll try older version of LGS,
  2. Hi there, Same problem here, AIDA64, cause suttering in games and sound dissortions. I've checked with DPC and it goes over 4000. When i close AIDA64, evrything goes smooth and Latency goes down to 100. The problem is i dont have TBMT 3.0 installed. I have I7 7700K and Asus Maximus IX Hero with latest bios. Please help me out i need AIDA for monitoring my WC. I use AIDA64 with Logitech G19 LCD if that matters. I have latest "RELEASE" build of AIDA64 With Best Regards Simon
  3. Hi, i also downloaded this Beta Version you Suggested but it says that i dont have a licence for that version. My current Version 5.80.4000 doesn't support my 1080ti. Any help would be appreciated. Ah ok...i see now, support for my AIDA64 Ended on 11.12.2016 :(... Regards Simon
  4. Oki In this Beta version its working flawlessly, and there is more nice sensors I have licensed version since 2013 Thanks for fast help!! Best Regards Simon
  5. Ups... no I'm using 5.20.3400. Oki so i'll try this Beta version in that case. and i'll tel you know if its oki. But does it update automatically to Release version when it appears? Regards Simon
  6. Yes, exactly. But even this value isn't correct, because GPU clock in idle stays at 150Mhz, according to MSI afterburner. Sensor Panel and AIDA64 Widget also shows 350Mhz no matter if GPU is under load or idle. So probably AIDA doesn't recognize this sensor in GPU. As i said in previous post it was working fine when i had 780ti. Best Regards Simon
  7. Hi there, I have a problem, I've just bought 980ti and on G19 LCD Panel core clock sensor doesn't work, its shows 350 Mhz and stays that no matter what im doing Before i had 780ti and it was working fine. Any suggestions? Best Regards Simon
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