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  1. I was curious about this too a little while ago. I asked beada and the response I got was they did not have a frame at this time. so with that said your only option looks like having to get a custom 3D printed one made.
  2. Nice. Did you get the IPS one or the TFT. Which would be better for a sensor panel?
  3. New beta now reports proper reading for VCCIO. Thank you. And thanks again for possibly adding some sort of WHEA notification or alerting ability if you guys can...
  4. Hey Awesome!. Thank you very much for taking care of the Asus ROG Maximus XII sensor. And Also thank you very much for even considering adding a WHEA error notification of some sort. Even if you just added it to the "ALERTING" would be fantastic. Doesnt have to actually show the Whea error details. A alarm option would be great and when one happens when aida is running just a value (how many occurred).
  5. Also im not sure if this is the right place to ask but considering as were already talking . Is there anyway to monitor system WHEA errors and report a value when they occur within aida like HWiNFO64 can? Id really love to be able to add it to my LCD monitor page. I tried digging around but couldnt find a option anywhere. Would you guys consider adding this
  6. The value it is reporting is 0.576V Ive manually set VCCIO in bios to 1.15V and HWiNFO64 reflects my input correctly. Im runnung version 6.25.5423 Beta
  7. Hello my voltage for VCCIO isnt being displayed with the right value unfortunately. Its off by quite a bit. Could this be possibly looked at? Thank You
  8. The Display/GPU page is mostly empty. Only info is Device Description nVIDIA SLI Field nVIDIA SLI SLI Status Disabled Rest of the page is blank
  9. When will the 1080 ti be added?. Temps, Voltage, Fan Speed and video memory amount show up but i cant seem to find GPU Clock, Usage or memory speed for my g19 sensor page. Thanks
  10. ok good to know thanks. I need to upgrade my licence and dont want to do it untill the next stable.
  11. I have the same problem. Been dealing with it for so long that Im used to restarting aida when i turn on my pc.. lol. Ill have to give this a shot. how long will this beta last for?
  12. Hey BigBoss did your problem get resolved? Are you still getting bsod? Ive been using Aida fine for long time but just got a logitch g19 and have noticed crashes since. I aswell have a rampage iv. Trying to pin point the culprit. Only changes to pc since crashes started was a new adata 32gb usb 3.0 thumb drive, a 7 port dlink usb 2.0 hub, and a logitech g19 keyboard. Computer crashes after being left unattended for a while. sometimes it will happen after 2 hours sometimes it takes 10 hours of no use.
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