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  1. Can you make it go fullscreen? I don't need to see the status bar of the phone, since it's an old one that I am repurposing just for this.
  2. Can you upgrade from AIDA64 normal to beta using the built-in upgrade?
  3. Hey there, I would like to request that the "New Item" requester for adding items to the LCD resizable - mainly so I can make it taller so there can be more items visible in the item selector list. Right now I feel that it is "cramped" to only be able to see six items (and just catch a glimpse of the seventh item). And it would probably make the scrollbar more usable. Best regards Juzz
  4. Well this is rather embarrassing - I loaded up the latest beta and lo and behold there they are again. However I just lost my LCD arrangement that I just set up.
  5. And I might just have remembered that in Win7 I was running the latest beta - I'll just load that up and see if the missing items appear again...
  6. Hey there, After an upgrade to Win 10 the chassis fans disappeared along with the pump info from my Kraken coolers. I've attached the old sensor report along with the new one from Win 10. Best regards Juzz Report_Sensor.txt Report_Sensor_Win10.txt
  7. Thanks, that was just a blunder by me... I have one of them attached to the CPU Fan and the other to one of the other ports I can't remember right now.
  8. See the info in the file attached. Report_Sensor.txt
  9. I have disabled the Kraken CAM in the startup, and now it seems to stay up, I'll report more in the weekend as I have tested it more by that time.
  10. In the Kraken X40 and X60, the temperature shows up as Temperature #1 and Temperature #2. Is there any possibility to get the fan speeds from the devices?
  11. 1) Yes, under the condition that Razer Synapse didn't take ownership of the LCD. 2) The Nzxt CAM software is running in the background, should I disable that? 3) None other that polls the Kraken (and the Nzxt CAM software has a tendency to crash).
  12. Forgot to mention that this is a Windows PowerShell script.
  13. Hey there, I've developed a script to make sure that Razer Synapse is running before Aida64 is started, this way Aida64 isn't killed when Razer Synapse starts up. You could generally use it if you have a program that needs to be started before Aida64 should be started. $StrRz = "rzsynapse" $StrWD = "C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme\" $StrAida = "C:\Program Files (x86)\FinalWire\AIDA64 Extreme\aida64.exe" Start-Sleep 10 # Is Razer Synapse Running? #$bResult = Get-Process -name $StrRz -erroraction silentlycontinue #echo $bResult while (!(Get-Process -name $StrRz -error
  14. Juzz

    Reclaim LCD

    I am using a Razer Deathstalker Ultimate, I do not personally disconnect the device since it's part of my keyboard. I am not sure if it is because of the Razer Synapse that intermittantly claims ownership of the device. I am using the latest beta (see my other post). Best regards Juzz
  15. Juzz

    Reclaim LCD

    Hey there, When Aida64 loses connection to the LCD then there should be an option in the menus to "Reclaim LCD", to re-establish the connection. Best regards Juzz
  16. Hey there, The latest beta does indeed supprt the Kraken X40 and X60 (which I have), but it seems to lose the connection to my Razer Deathstalker Ultimate after a short while. The version I am using is: 5.30.3521 Beta Previously when that happened Aida64 would crash and the process would no longer be present in Windows task manager, but now it stays on and even when I choose "Exit" in the menus then the process lingers and I can't kill it from Windows task manager. When I try to start Aida64 again then nothing happens, however the zombie process is still there. I am running Windo
  17. Hey there, The email you sent out to people to activate their forum accounts claims to be sent from the address: web.aida64.com which doesn't exist and thus I think many servers around the world will not allow it to be delivered to the recipient. Please correct that, so that it uses an existing address (for instance forums.aida64.com since that clearly exists). Best regards Juzz
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