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  1. Ok, thank you very much! Im still not sure which display "type" to choose, cause sadly none of the above mentioned displays is available in germany, which adds a lot of shipping costs to the price. Simple HDMI screens are available for less money and are more flexible (and can be shipped from within germany). But thanks anyway for your suggestions!
  2. Just a short question to the SensorPanel: If i place it on the right side of my desktop, like the old Windows gadgets, is there a setting to maximize windows (Firefox, Windows Explorer, etc.) only next to the SensorPanel (to touch its borders), so its always visible, but doesnt cover whats behind? I have read about "always on top", but is this setting doing what im asking for? Thank you! Edit: Didnt find a setting, this is what im looking for...
  3. Hm interesting, this whole BeadaPanel support is pretty new, so i guess it will be available for a while. Looks good so far, a little black housing around it and it would also look nice. Anything else you could suggest, maybe something similar with a black case? There are a lot of raspberry pi displays around on amazon, but i guess not all of them will work with AIDA64 out of the Box? Since BeadaPanel is also for Pi's... EDIT: found this one: Matrix Orbital EVE2-50G, needs an additional USB-Kit for connection, but its available directly for order in germany and its supported by AIDA64. Would this one also be OK?
  4. Hey guys! Im hoping for some input regarding my question. I saw, AIDA64 is supporting a lot of different displays and interfaces. Now which one to choose? Heres some more input from me about what im looking for: [Mandatory] 5-8 inch LCD display [Mandatory] only USB powered [Mandatory] black frame design to match my case, if possible [Optional] A flat, not too thick one [Optional] small bezels if possible [Optional] No buttons neccessary, i want to place it inside of my case. [Optional] an internal USB connector to directly connect it to the motherboard At the moment im using some Aquacomputer Vision OLEDs which are working fine. But i can already see some burn in and they are pretty small. Since theres no LCD coming from Aquacomputer anytime soon, im thinking about using AIDA64 to get my data on screen. I have 3 of those OLED on each of the drive bay covers, this is more or less the space i have available I have attached a screenshot of the system with the OLEDs and their current placement for you to visualize. Thank you for your suggestions!
  5. Ahhhhh sorry, i didnt restart my system until now, the readings are there. Sorry for bothering someone!
  6. Hi there! I just build my new system with this mainboard, therefore i updated AIDA64 to the latest beta. But i see a lot less sensor readings than on my old P67 mainboard, please see the attached screenshot. Is this the current state of support for the Z170 series and is more to come? Thanks! Report.htm
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