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  1. I found that out already. The registry gets reset to 0, 0 position if Aida is moved beyond the visible area of the screen. Not really sure how to resolve this one. What is needed is some more user options for... 1: X & Y positions upon start up. 2: HotKey command to allow popping up & hiding Aida. The above two new options would be absolutely PERFECT for me (and I suspect a few others as well).
  2. I tried the RegEdit mode... SensorPanelPosX=300 SensorPanelPosY=800 But the Sensor Panel just keeps resetting to 0 0 position for X & Y. What am I doing wrong?
  3. I should say... HotKey AND X/Y Sensor Panel placement options would be perfect.
  4. Yes, the HotKey would be the best solution for me (and I suspect a LOT of other users as well).
  5. Yes, that would be a bummer but I have seen other programs in the past that simply had a Reset command that restored the window to the center of the screen (no matter what the screen resolution was) thereby resolving the issue. Also, if you simply added a Sensor Panel Preferences option to set the screen position that would also resolve the issue. My point is, I really don't believe it is (or should be) an issue at all with the right options available to the user. The problem is we simply don't have those options at the present time.
  6. A couple of things that I forgot to mention on this topic... I have NEVER lost the Sensor Panel beyond the edge of the screen. There is always at least one pixel of the Panel still showing no matter how hard I drag it to the bottom of the screen. Sooo... it is pretty hard to completely loose the Panel (in Windows 8.1 at least). Please reconsider this request. Thanks; Doc
  7. So where does this feature request stand right now?
  8. Not necessarily so... I suggest allowing the user to set the Top Left Corner to ANY on-screen position including the bottom most pixel of the screen; this would technically still keep the Panel on screen (at the bottom most pixel but for all practical purposes hide the Panel (except for one pixel showing). That is not an option for me as I find it to be too constraining & slow (especially re-showing the Panel... to many steeps to get it back on screen). What is needed is a quicker way to Show/Hide or Open/Close the panel. See our previous discussion on this topic... http://foru
  9. Is it possible to create more than one Sensor Panel & open them on the Desktop as... Panel 1. Panel 2. Panel 1 & 2.
  10. I like to load my Sensor Panel at every Windows 8.1 start up. It takes up a lot of space so I drag it BEYOND the bottom of the desktop screen so there is nothing showing on screen. When I want to use it I move the mouse beyond the bottom of the screen, click & drag it onto the screen. What I want is a way to make the Sensor Panel load BEYOND the edge of the screen thereby saving me the hassle of having to manually drag it off screen at every start up. Can this be done? Can an option for Sensor Panel Position be added to the Sensor Panel Preferences screen? Can this be added as
  11. Decided to do a clean install of AIDA64... Used Revo Uninstaller Pro to completely un-install AIDA64. Installed 3300.exe. Rebooted. Ran manual update... all is well. Suspect my original install was getting corrupted as it had been on the HD for some time (with current updates) & it was acting a little weird in other ways. Anyway, it seems to be all good now. Doc
  12. One other thing, AIDA64 had been updating correctly from day one (years ago). The updating error started about a month ago.
  13. Hi Fiery; 1) Does your Windows user have administrator privileges? Yes, but not the hidden elevated kind, just the standard single-user Win 8.1 pro kind. Also, UAC is set to Never Notify. 2) Is AIDA64 installed originally using the self-installer EXE package? Not sure, think so it was a long time ago. 3) Do you get the error only once, or no matter how many times do you try to update, you always get the same error? Don't use manual update. This is happening with the automatic update & WAS happening EVERY time (I'm set to receive all Betas of AIDA64 so it happens a lot). I just g
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