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  1. It worked (although temperature updates were a little slow)... until W10 Insider build 16278 dropped in
  2. So it seems, it's a Windows 10 bug, hopefully they will fix this until the Fall Update.
  3. Hi Fiery! On the latest Windows Insider build from today and with the latest beta of AIDA64 most of the sensors are not recognized. Can you please look into this? Or should I reinstall AIDA64 and see if this solves the problem? Thanks! norti
  4. That was fast Thank you, it's working perfectly One suggestion, because we can't use the keyboard's custom lightning and the AIDA64 RGB function together: can you implement a setting in AIDA64 so that we can have a standard single static color lightning for all the other keys not used by AIDA64 to display values? Maybe we could choose a single static color for all the keys and the colors set for the benchmark range would override it (so we would have lightning on all the keys). And maybe an option to prioritize the added RGB layer items vertically?
  5. Hi Fiery! Any chance to have support for the M1-M5 macro keys on Razer Blackwidow Chroma? It could be used for anything that is now a row (F keys, 0-9) just vertically.
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