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  1. Hello Memory 77.5Mo stable. when aida64 stop working, task manager have quit at the same time EDIT: When Aida64 crash ram go up When i relaunch aida64, ram go down
  2. Hello I try aida64 for use with my old alphacool LCD. Aida64 work perfectly with the little lcd, i'm verry happy for that. But, aida stop working atfer 5/10/20 min maximum. No alerte, no error message, aida just quit after random time. Can you help me ? Thank's !
  3. Do you have news for the alphalcd compatibility ?
  4. It's perfect !!!! But, alphalcd doesn't found Everest. (Aida64 in reality) have you a tips for my probleme ? thanks !!!!!!
  5. No new for a aida64 plugin for alphalcd ?? thank !!!!
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