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  1. It works! thanks a lot! There is just one issue, if i choose "row of keys" "0-9" or "1-0", always "1-0" keys light up. Never "0-9".
  2. When rgb is activated and i type on my strafe, there is some "flash" of random colors, but not regular...
  3. Is there something to enable or disable expect to the v for rgb led support?
  4. Thanks, yes i closed CUE and the same... Maybe i have to reinstall Aida64?
  5. Hello, i have a corsair strafe rgb silent. I have tried to use aida 64 rgb, but nothing work, no color change to my keyboard. I use aida 64 5.70.3800, windows 10 pro, CH layout and Corsair Utility Engine installed. Do you have a solution? Thanks in advance.
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