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  1. Thanks for all the help with my K70. I'm enjoying the RGB keyboard enough that I just added a Razer Chroma RGB wireless mouse. I was hoping I could have AIDA64 show colors on the keyboard for one measurement and colors on the mouse for another. I haven't been able to get the mouse to respond to AIDA64 at all. Is my mouse supported? I'll attach another usbdump file. I appreciate all the support. usbdump.txt
  2. OK, maybe I spoke to soon. It works perfectly if I choose "All Keys" or "Single Key" as the item type. But if I choose "Row of Keys", I get various results. For function keys, only F1 thru F7 light up. For Numbers (1-0) or, 1-5 light up. For numbers (0-9) the 0 and 1-4 light up. For QWERTYUIOP, only QWERTY light up. (For the rest of the rows, only the leftmost five or six light up). But at least I can see it's working, and for now I'm using "all keys." Thanks again.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. I upgraded to the latest beta and restarted Windows. Still no luck. I am posting a new usb dump. For this dump, I had the keyboard plugged directly into a USB port on the PC and not through a hub as I had when I did the last dump. Thanks for taking a look. usbdump.txt
  4. It's a very new keyboard - just got it. Here's what I see on the bottom: K70 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. M/N: RGP004 P/N: CH-9000119-NA S/N: 189316148427. I hope that what you need is in there somewhere.
  5. Hello, I have a Corsair K70 and I've been trying for hours to set up a temperature monitor to change the color of the keys. No luck. I read this thread and downloaded 5.70.3843 Beta. I also exited CUE. No luck. I'll attach my USB dump here. Please let me know if my keyboard is supported and if so, what I need to do to get this working. Thanks! usbdump.txt
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