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  1. AIDA64 v1.85 crash (ULPS)

    Fair enough. But how about doing a check and warning AMD crossfire folks that going any further may lock your system up? I have to agree to disagree with your answer.
  2. AIDA64 v1.85 crash (ULPS)

    I got another suggestion. You could pull out the second gpu just to use their software! Its unacceptable to disable a key system power saving feature just to use this software. I can't believe they haven't fixed this issue at version 1.85 already! I say AMD/ATI users ban AIDA64 until they fix this issue! BS. Edit: Why I'm pissed: Risking data loss due to an unexpected reboot is not pleasant...
  3. This bug is BS because you have to disable a power saving feature to get the software to work or disable crossfire. I am using version 1.60 and would upgrade if I was assured this issue has been fixed.. Thank you.
  4. AIDA64 freezes

    I found a fix. You need to make a registry change and then reboot. Also not a bad idea to disable and then enable crossfire first but this step may not be neccessary. Anyhow worked for me. I put it into a reg file that your going to have to run... Good luck. File is attached to this post. Or you can follow the instructions to edit your registry on this link to the Evga site: ULPS crash fix ...
  5. AIDA64 freezes

    BTW, That disabling multi-gpu feature in preferences did nothing.... thanks.
  6. AIDA64 freezes

    I am also getting freezing or full system lockup requiring reboot when in crossfire mode on an Asus Crosshair IV 890FX board as soon as I hit the sensor button. Thanks.