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  1. Hi A few odd things. I've recently added cheap water cooling to my PC. It might be a misunderstanding (or reconfiguration) on my pat. 1) Sometimes when I start the PC and AIDA64 auto starts, it only shows the 3 white fan options as shown in the bottom of pic "Turn on PC". If I close AIDA64 and restart it, or reboot, it comes up with the 5 fans it should have (see bottom of pic "Restarted"), 2) very occasionally it starts correctly by showing the 5 fan options, but will say both the GPU Rad fan and the Temp Side Fan are 0 RPM even though they are spinning (sorry hav
  2. Hi all Have just watercooled my RX480 and while the GPU Diode and VRM2 temps are nice and low, VRM1 is high. It's a reference board with AIO cooler. Heat sinks put on all GPU Vram and other chips and quiet fan also blowing over them. Any idea what chips VRM1 is reporting about please? Intel Core i7 3820 a2011 3600 MHz Asus P9X79 Socket 2011 ATX Motherboard 32GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 RAM XFX RADEON RX480 Black Edition OC
  3. Hmm, was about to reboot and see what BIOS temp says, when I clicked reboot, a message saying WIndows updates have been instaled appeared (I hate WIndows 10 doing this). Anyway, booted into BIOS and CPU temps were as expected. Booted back into windows and temp now seems to be displaying correctly (see attached) Whether this was a glitch in your program that a reboot cured or something to do with the windows update that was installing in the background, don't know, probably the win update. many thanks
  4. Updated to Extreme 5.60.3700 Prior to this, my CPU temp (which has huge coolers on it) when web browsing etc never went above 40C Now as I type this, its showing as 90C The 4 CPU cores are under 35C I've just noticed a CPU Package option which seems to show more what the old CPU temp showed, that's showing 35C, which I've now enabled on my OSD My CPU Temp shouldn't be around 90C when almost idle, is this a bug, or is it reporting something different and the CPU package is the actual temp? I'm confused Uploaded pic of OSD Many thanks PC spec Intel Core i7
  5. Hi all What I'm trying to do is work out exactly what current my PC draws if the CPU cores are all at 100% and 3d graphics are running as fast as possible. I've got my PC plugged into a power monitor but I cant see a way of getting both CPU and graphics going together. I can get the CPU cores at 100% but of course theyre not above about 12% when the gpu is being tested. is there any wqy of achievieng what I want please? thanks
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