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  1. I wanted to see what my PC temps were while running Folding@Home, and this accomplishes that perfectly. Thanks for the great feature!
  2. Thank you for the clarification. I noticed that something is preventing my computer from sleeping at all, so it never dims.
  3. I purchased AIDA64 along with a Matrix Orbital LK204-25 and easily configured it to show system stats...great functionality! I'm curious, is it possible to request a feature to dim or turn off the LCD when the computer goes to sleep? Helps with LCD longevity and not lighting up a dark room when I'm not at the computer. I would see if it would be possible to "sleep" the AIDA64 program when the computer goes to sleep as well. Right now, AIDA64 uses 1-2% CPU even when the computer is sleeping (since I see it on the LCD). Seems like these would be wasted cycles. Thanks for the great program!
  4. Great thanks, ended up going with the Matrix Orbital LK204-25.
  5. Hi, I've seen the list of supported external LCD manufacturers at the bottom of the External Displays page. However is there a device matrix that shows manufacturer, model, dimensions, interface, etc. of supported devices? I've been searching each of the manufacturers manually, but am having a hard time finding a display that will meet my needs. I'd like to mod an LCD\OLED display on the front of my Corsair Air 240 case, to display AIDA64 stats. However it's a Mini-ITX and only has room for a 3.5"x 2" display, or a 3"x3" display: I'd like to stick to a USB display for ease. Having a matrix of supported external devices would help narrow the list down. Also, I see that Adafruit displays are supported; is that a specific device or all? Curious if this device works: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3315 Thanks!
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