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  1. Hi, I have same issue with my RTX 3090. It seems it's a known bug and other people experience it as well. I wonder do you have high single core CPU usage after a while? Bought AIDA64 too not long ago, and was unable to solve these issues.
  2. With GPU sensor support disabled, I still get GPU utilization metrics and GPU Clock sometimes shows up. The problem with CPU one core utilization is still there. I assume it can be related to my motherboard then? How I should proceed to narrow this? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for reply! I was already considering a refund. If this can be fixed in some way in near future, I will not ask for a refund. I really like AIDA64, but this CPU core utilization is killing my performance. My motherboard is: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Master (with latest BIOS versioned F31e) My Windows build is: 19042.610 I will report my findings a bit later. I noticed that it's not fixed amount of time for CPU core utilization to get so high. It usually starts it seems after playing any game for 10-20min, so might be GPU related. One more thing that I should mention, I use RTSS to monitor my FPS and draw a graph on SensorPanel. RTSS version is latest stable 7.2.3, before I had 7.3.0 beta, and it was same problem. I will post here as soon as I have more finding. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Today I bought AIDA64 and I ran into some issues. Few issues related to my GPU RTX 3090 are already reported on the other thread (Missing CPU Fan status and GPU Clock not always showing up). The main issue that is a deal breaker for me is high CPU usage after a while. So the problem appears after ~30min of running AIDA64. AIDA64 starts to utilize one core of my Ryzen 3900XT CPU to a 100%. I use SensorPanel to monitor my HW. SensorPanel starts refreshing with 2-3s interval, instead of 1000ms which is set in settings. When I open AIDA64 it lags a lot, I barely can use it. Windows task manager reports that AIDA64 is utilizing 100% first core (thread) of my CPU. I use the latest version available, which I have downloaded today. What info I should provide so this issue could be solved? EDIT: If I quit AIDA64 and start it again, issue is gone for the next 30mins and then starts again
  5. Just bought AIDA64 and now when I use SensorPanel to display stuffs on my 2nd screen, my GTX 3090 GPU Clock is blinking. Sometimes it shows the Clock, but on some refresh there is no label, nothing, GPU Clock disappears. Another minor issue is that I have 3 fans on GPU, but only 2 fans speeds are shown. As I understand AIDA64 does not fully support RTX 3090 yet, right? When I could expect to get an update? My Graphics Card model is Asus ROG-Strix-RTX3090-O24G-Gaming
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