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  1. Are you kidding me....15 degrees on cpu? Is your home on north pole ?
  2. At this time i am proud to present you my panel! For me it was a hard time to do something because i am not realy good at this. The gauges are my own creation, some other stuff are from other users. THX at this place to all, i have mentioned these great people some lines above. Would be nice to hear your opinion. I hope it worked with the upload from the template, feel free to use it. ;-) Greetz Stealth 2018-03-01 - final.oslcd
  3. I have reworked everything a bit. The left side i am happy with at this moment. Right side i have to go another time. With top i am not sure what i will make, the gauges can still be in place but i don`t know what i do with fraps and processes. Icons for components are all interaktiv. Many thanx to @xtcislove who shared his panel, (which is also really great) and .psd files. I have used some of them and changed the orange to green, so it will fit better my needs! What do you think? is it to overload, i have missed something important? So i hope you like it, if its
  4. I am nearly finished with my panel. Then i will share it on the forum.
  5. Thank you for sharing your creation I copied your idea to create a similar panel for spf-87 if this a problem for you. I'm sorry and I delete this post spf-87h.splcd.axlcd I am testing an playing around with some panel by myself.The idea lies on this 2 great templates. THX @operbico for the template file. Sadly @drDriz didn´t share his panel and only have this one post and never come back again. I was interested how he make the gauges on top, they look amazing. @Rabbithole also give me some great ideas and made a fantas
  6. Wow, looks really great! I will organize some things to pass my needs, like Cores, HDD space etc.! At this moment i see no signal strenght (is this for wifi?) and Connection speed! I think i have to adjust it! A cool thing would be if the fans are also get like the gauges . On the lower right side 2 furueistic bars would be satisfying like in the other templates from start! Long story , short, i am happy with this first result, you made my (work)day so far. Your build also looks really nice to me. Will have a closer look later! Greetz Stealth
  7. OMG this looks amazing. I give it a try when i am at home after work! I know its a lot of work and i am very happy someone did this for me, cause i am bad at design in any way. Its a pleasure to let your branding where it belongs to. I will give feedback as soon as possible. Maybe you find a function for your bars from the previous red template. Eventually on the right side of the panel. The bars are amazing and have a technoid, future look that i like. Thanks by this way.......till later! Greetz Stealth
  8. Ah, ok thank you. One question. Is there a other way to show fps on a external display? Fraps wont work with win 10 in my case. Fraps entry exists in aida, but there is no value! By the way on windows there is also no info! Greetz Stealth
  9. Looks nice man, wow. Ok i have 1 waterpump, speed 4 fans in front in push pull on radiator, speed 3 fans in rear, speed Each fan and pump are on seperate connectors, but the config is my turn. The processor has 8 cores and 16 threads. I would like have infos about Cpu/Core utilization, vcore, clock in ghz Cpu/Gpu/Mobo/Ram Temps 4 hdd space Ram utilization, timings snd clock Time, date Network stats.. Thats it so far Colour also light green would be nice. Greetz Stealth........ Edit: short info, my cpu onl, have
  10. About missing stuff, is there a function to track mouse clicks per second? Would be nice for gaming! Greetz Stealth
  11. Hello, would be nice if you share and could do something different to me! This one would be great! Some infos about my rig..... AMD ryzen 7 1800x Corsair vengeance ddr4 16gb MSI pro gaming carbon mainboard Deepcool captain 240ex aio watercooler Nvidia gtx980 Display is a 7" tablet with 1024x600 resolution! Gesetz Stealth
  12. OMG please share!!! Here are so many great ideas and screens. Greetz Stealth
  13. Nice work, is it possible to share? Would like to have something like this but I have no graphical hands for this. Thanks in advise. Greetz Stealth
  14. Hi, i am new here and come across to this post. Where did you see this picture? Is it compatible to Aida64 and odospace? I have much the same setting and a template would be great! Thanks to all tips Greetz Stealth
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