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  1. all you can do for now is File > Preferences > Stability > 'Corsair Hydro Platinum sensor support' and uncheck it bg enzaki
  2. @Fiery sry to poke you like this but is there any info you need to help fix this problem that i can send to you plz let me konw bg enzaki (:
  3. hi aida i have this Corsair H115i Platinum but its disconnect and then its Connect again i have add corsairlinkdump anyway as it disconnect all light and fan speed info stops for 2 to 5 sec and then it Connect again is there any fix for that happen like 2 till 10 times a day and i use aida64 V6.33.5700 bg enzaki corsairlinkdump.txt
  4. i have that problem too i have Corsair Hydro Series H115i RGB Platinum disconnecting/reconnecting
  5. here is my sensorpanel was original made for logitech g19 (320x240) now i just use it on my second monitor (: v07 fit for logitech g19.sensorpanel
  6. i dont have that one more but i do have one that look like it its was made to fit Logitech g19 (: 2021-02-12.sensorpanel
  7. so @Fiery any eta on a fix its be going on for some time now and i dont see any fix yet so was hopeing for som more info on eta on a fix ? (: Bg Enzaki (:
  8. same here i have a Aorus gtx 1070ti have add nVIDIA SMBus Dump info hope it helps (: Aorus gtx 1070ti.txt
  9. Hello all this is my first try for the Logitech g19 keybord ^^
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