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  1. Its helps! thx bro! but now i dont have VRM sensors! i criticly need it!My workstation system in OC
  2. try other developers soft for temperature sensors - its work fine! Only Aida buggin my setup! Problem is that i need ONLY AIDA (they got so flexible options and its best soft for OC for sure) Do you work on fix?
  3. I find out!!! temperature sensors is the reason! when i turn on them - sh*t starts again! try latest realese of AIDA for tests today!
  4. Recently I bought Presonus Firestudio 26x26 for my music studio its not new IEEE 1394 firewire audiointerface....and its kill my nervs! Few days its droppin out my sound (DAW, browser, AIMP etc.) Its NOT Legacy IEEE 1394 bugg - i try install thise old drivers - its not fix the issue. And accidentally i find out - IT AUDAS SENSORS PANEL IN DOCK make thosse glitches! I use portable version Try to install it regular. Sh*t's start buggin again!!!! I start system with out aida......take a half hours with out dropouts of sound - and first second when i run Aida - that crap start's again! Please fix the issue wuth Aida64 sensors buggin Presonus Firestudio 26x26 (Firewire 1394...maybe other hardware....PCI-e Card by Texas Instrument - confirmed by Presonus - its good)
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