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  1. How are those conversations going? That is really a pain since us Corsair Cooler or Ram customers have to use iCUE to control the components. I hope Corsair changes this as their monitoring dashboard in iCUE is not very functional at all.
  2. I enabled Corsair Link sensor support and as soon as I do that all of the readings from my Commander Pro start going all wonky.
  3. Ok, just ran the current Beta 5.97.4679 and it is recognizing the Corsair H115i cooler!! Thanks again! Now...How about the Corsair Commander Pro??
  4. Do I need to upgrade or can I just do a standalone of this Beta as the Beta does not install.
  5. Found it in the following locations: 1.C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE Software 2.C:\Program Files (x86)\EVGA\LED Sync
  6. Here ya go! corsairlinkdump.txt usbdump.txt
  7. I also tried a different usb port for the pump and still nothing.
  8. Unistalled ver 5.97.4600 and installed the latest beta. AIDA64 still not seeing Corsair H115i cooler. If enable Corsair Link support the Commander Pro shows the three fans I have connected to it, but the cooler is still a no show.
  9. Currently running WIN 10 Pro 1709 on newly built machine. I am unable to see my Corsair AIO H115i cooler in AIDA64. I am able to see it in HWinfo64 as well as through Corsair Icue & Corsair Link. I have tried turning off Icue and Link and still I am unable to see this. Also the only way to see my Corsair Commander pro in AIDA64 is to shut off Icue and Link. Any thought on being able to monitor my Corsair H115i as well as the Commander Pro? AIDA64 ver 5.97.4600
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