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  1. omfg i think im turning blind or something Tnx man will edit it to fit and the correct logos on the correct places
  2. Do u have the original backgrounds without the logo's The Logos are good but not all on the good location haha
  3. Thanks so much dude, excellent
  4. Looks great dude, could you share ?
  5. Everytime i trie to import it, it gets smaller in size en all pressed together. Is there a way to fix this it looks really good
  6. If anyone has any cool vertical ones then please share. I would love some and if i have more then 1 i can switch around some times Thanks in advanve
  7. tnx so much dude. Looks realy good
  8. Wow, looks excellent, can you share?
  9. Yes please, I would really like this one
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