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  1. worked, images cant have meta data at all...wonder why ?
  2. having same issues, will try this see if it works.
  3. im also got a few blue screens, only using this program!
  4. i also noticed when the gauge is not appearing, if i go the sensor panel manager and click on it and hold the button down as if im going to move it, the gauge appears for as long as I hold it down
  5. these are not my creation by the way...just want to make sure thats out theRe !
  6. Now these are the larger Gauge icons and these work fine no issue, must be how im saving them when i lower the resolution ? Original Large Icons that work fine.zip
  7. having same issues with custom gauges. i will zip and Attach! you can shoot me an email at carlucciservices@gmail.com Great work, many years of hard work does pay off ! Aida Files.zip
  8. Work in Progress, Modified SCI-FY Panel I found on here last week ! image: https://imgur.com/46wWcqR.pnghttps://imgur.com/46wWcqRhttps://imgur.com/46wWcqR
  9. my email is carlucciservices@gmail.com, I love your work and would like it if you send me an email with everything you have. 

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