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  1. I also have Samsung SPF (87H), it drops out every few hours... basicly the display just freezes, and stays that way. Could freeze after 1 hour , could freeze after 8 hours.. I just stopped using it. I tried different usb ports and different usb drivers, same thing
  2. I just bought one of those long lcd panels and controller from Allied express, Looking forward to trying it out https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000398514060.html
  3. My new Design - The Alerts change colour and the alert level 2020-05-19.splcd.axlcd
  4. Two new Bars I created , enjoy VertBar.zip HorzBar.zip
  5. Hi, marty-demo what lcd panel is that? you whole pc look amazing
  6. My latest simple creation, It does what I need. bluecpu.axlcd
  7. Hi, Just thought I would share my creatinition, it's nothing special but it has all the info I want. Hope someone finds it useful. Mypanel.splcd.axlcd
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