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  1. Just wanted to say I also have this problem, I have a amd 3600 b450 mother board and a Gtx 1080 Ti. My computer crashes regularly with gpu sensor enabled, but its work fine when I disable the gpu sensor
  2. I wonder how much computer resource are used if running aida64 and wallpaper engine at the same time... sure it looks pretty..but how does it affect performance \
  3. my new design, nothing fancy 800x480
  4. Just another fun design , 1920 x 480.. might inspire others
  5. As requested , I am re posting this screen 1920 x 480 All Clear.sensorpanel
  6. 2021-04-29.sensorpanel impact-label-font.zip LEDBDREV.TTF
  7. Another new fun design its 1920 x 480 ..Enjoy
  8. here is the file if you want it 2021-04-16.sensorpanel
  9. Just a fun Panel, 1920 x 480 2021-04-02.sensorpanel
  10. Another design, Nothing fancy 1920 x 480, I am still working on it..
  11. Wow there are so awesome designs This my latest , it's fairly simple ...its 1920 x 480 and has Fallout theme. The Vault boy on each section will change if conditions become less than idealI hope you like it
  12. My new design, Simple and easy to read at glance. 1920x480 in size
  13. My new design , 1920 x 480. its pretty simple but I like it.
  14. Simple design but it gets the job done...
  15. This is my newest design, It has a Star wars theme , I got the idea from another member here "Schlicki" The panel is 1920 x 480 The trench run Graphic changes with CPU utilization Hope you like it.
  16. I think the force is strong with you
  17. Another simple screen that may inspire someone, the All clear status changes with temperate
  18. Its great to see so many people making incredible designs
  19. My latest panel design, its simple but has just what I need. Some panels have to too much info in my opinion .. Anyway hope you like it
  20. Love your screen, I made mine based on yours...
  21. I also have Samsung SPF (87H), it drops out every few hours... basicly the display just freezes, and stays that way. Could freeze after 1 hour , could freeze after 8 hours.. I just stopped using it. I tried different usb ports and different usb drivers, same thing
  22. I just bought one of those long lcd panels and controller from Allied express, Looking forward to trying it out https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000398514060.html
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