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  1. Click New Item and select Image from the drop down list. The image size should be the resolution of your display. Make sure the image stays at the top of the Items list you created. Some people have uploaded the file. If you like their display, save the file. Then use the Import/Export function to import the file. If you share or modify somebody's else's work, please give them due credit. A lot of work has gone into a lot of these displays.
  2. Wow, that one is just too f'n cool. Great work. EDIT: Tried to download the file but the extension is strange.
  3. Another variation is to use an old LCD monitor. You take it apart and use only the thin transparent LCD screen. But you need a controller. Several youtube vids on how to do it. Can be done to any clear PC panel. Here is a video. There might be better ones.
  4. Although I generally display much more info on mine, I really like this one. This is an instance of 'less is more'. Sorry for wasting space. Just sayin'.
  5. I really like your panel. Thank you for posting it. Hope you dont mind, but I changed it up a bit. I wanted to use the circular temperature gauge, but just couldnt fit it with the info I need to display. I resized the backgroung to 1920X1080. Using it on a LG D803. Here is the file if anyone would like it. Mars1920x1080v2.oslcd
  6. BeadaPanel is a bit pricey, but beautiful display. Ships from China. Or you can use Odospace and and old Android phone or tablet. Either solution works and powered by USB.
  7. Sounds interesting. But would this put some sort of load on the GPU? I would like such a display, but the PC being primarily a gaming machine, I dont want any hit on graphics performance. I chose the BeadaPanel as it is USB and no draw on GPU. It is expensive, but is a quality display and works well. Maybe somebody with programming knowledge could modify the SDK to further the functionality. The BeadaPanel can output video, as there is a sample video and photos included in the SDK. This is a beautiful display. It is too bad it is limited to Aida64 only. With that said, I am satisfied with it.
  8. Thank you kindly. Wow, cant believe it was that simple. Full screen now at 1920X1080. Was at my wits end trying to figure it out. Went as far as looking for an .ini file for Odospace to see if I could edit it there. Great app. Thanks Odospace.
  9. Hi, wondering what is meant with "Fullscreen mode (long press for settings)". Long press where on what button? Been trying to change resolution to get full screen on android. Cant change it in Aida64 settings. It is set to 980X1440 in Aida64 settings and is 'greyed' out, so it cant be changed. Other than that, thanks. Works great. Wish I would have discovered Odospace Remote Panel sooner.
  10. Hi, Is it possible to get full screen on Android using Odospace / Remote Panel? I cant change this option in Aida64 preferences. It is greyed out and set at 980X1440 in Aida64. My cell phone rez is 1920X1080. Otherwise, works great. Any ideas?
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. Good to see support. I apologize for my misunderstanding. When I looked at the link you had provided, it looked as though there was some compiling involved. Tracking indicates the panel should be delivered today. Looking forward to getting it in my hands. As I said in previous post, I have been wanting one for quite some time. I have been using a Logitech G15 keyboard display since the G15's release way back in the Everest days. Alternately, I had been using and old 17" LCD monitor that had lots of room to display Aida64. Graphics performance took a hit when gaming with a 2nd monitor though, so I went back to just the G15. It is the 3rd G15 I have owned. I tried the newer colour version, the G19, but the text was too small, so I reverted back to the G15. Again, I apologize for my misunderstanding.
  12. Hello Beada, thanks for the reply. Holy wow! Looks way beyond my skills. Should have looked into this more first. Not a clue what to do. I thought it was just a simple download. So I have to know programming to get the Breadapanel to work? Is the coding specific to the PC the LCD is to run on? Are there any instructions on how to get this to work? If not, if somebody in Canada is wanting one these, I will sell this one. It should arrive here tomorrow. $200CAD. Too bad. It looked pretty cool and have been wanting something of the sort for quite some time. But it looks a bit too intensive for me. Maybe intimidating is a better word. I am presently learning Fusion 360. Not sure I have the time to learn programing as well. Anyways, my bad once again. Should have researched the panel more first.
  13. Where do I find the sdk for the Beadapanel 6.8? And is that all I need to get it going?
  14. Ebay seller was esky-sh. I have ordered other items from China and never had any fees other than cost and shipping. After getting the run around over the phone with DHL trying to get the breakdown, DHL gave me this: $4.00 Duty $21.00 GST $17.00 DHL The duty and GST I can justify if any additional charges. But how DHL figures they are entitled to more is beyond me. Bottom line is the item is grossly over priced. But again, nobody's fault but my own. I guess I get to wear the "I'm stupid" sign on my back for a couple of days. I sure the hell aint gonna tell anyone what I paid for it if they ask. Too embarrassed. Sorry for the negative tone. Am just shocked at to see what it actually cost me. And for something as basic and simple as it. Hopefully my next post here is telling everyone how cool as shit it is. I hope the sdk isnt a nightmare.
  15. WARNING! If you are in Canada, before you order one of these from ebay, fully check charges! This has become totally ridiculous. DHL is now holding the LCD hostage with extortion fees. I originally paid $99US for the LCD and $30US for shipping. After the currency exchange, my CC was charged $169.27CAD. Was a lot more than I wanted to pay, but I wanted it. I was under the impression that the $30 covered shipping and handling. NOT SO! DHL now wants an additional $42CAD before they will deliver it. So now I will have paid $211CAD for a tiny little LCD that does next to nothing. Hell, a person can but a decent 24"-27" 1080 monitor for that cost. Anybody have a bridge they wanna sell? With that said, nobody held a gun to my head forcing me to buy it. Just frustrated about getting nickled and dimed on a novelty I didnt really need, and not even remotely worth the cost. Would be nice if a 3rd party would import a sea-can full of them and sell at a reasonable cost. This item should be priced no higher than $100CAD all inclusive. Its not even plug-and-play. Dont get me wrong. I am not pooping on the forum. Just giving a heads up to those that may want one of these. The seller on ebay should state these extra fees. Had I known the total cost, I would not have even entertained the thought of buying one. And hey, I still dont have it!
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