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  1. hip63-WhiteFanGauges.7z More fan gauges similar to the ones I posted above but with white fan blades Enjoy! hip63
  2. made some more fan gauges, the example gif is the smallest one, 3 sizes total. Enjoy! hip63 hip63-FansPack.7z
  3. Got some inspiration from some of my favorite movies, "Mad Mad" The "Blower" light comes on when the video card hits Boost! hip63 Last_of_the_V8s.7z
  4. Here they are in a panel
  5. Made some new gauges for every one (aida panels are addictive, lol) The 1st is in 3 sizes, the other 2 are in 4 sizes. Enjoy! hip63 aida64 gauges.7z
  6. Kind of massive but so is the friggin' card! hip63
  7. No time to learn like the present my friend: App: https://www.gimp.org/ How To: https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/ We all start somewhere. hip63
  8. Thanks to the talented people here I was able to craft my own panel out different bits and pieces. I call it "Executive Decision" Thanks everyone! hip63
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