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  1. Sure but be warned, it's a full 1920x1080 panel. I'm using an old Surface Pro 2 as a display which basically becomes a 12 inch 1080p monitor, it looks great. I have it sitting on my desk, just by behind the keyboard. My main monitor is on an arm above it. I might resize it at some point. TheIronMan.7z
  2. The Iron Man! When the CPU boosts, just the Jarvis helmet and the chest Arc Reactor power up. When the GPU boosts, the whole suit powers up.
  3. 'Nuther simple but effective Cyberpunk themed panel. I've got it setup to blend into the wallpaper on second rotated monitor. I call it "Headspace"
  4. hip63-WhiteFanGauges.7z More fan gauges similar to the ones I posted above but with white fan blades Enjoy! hip63
  5. made some more fan gauges, the example gif is the smallest one, 3 sizes total. Enjoy! hip63 hip63-FansPack.7z
  6. Got some inspiration from some of my favorite movies, "Mad Mad" The "Blower" light comes on when the video card hits Boost! hip63 Last_of_the_V8s.7z
  7. Made some new gauges for every one (aida panels are addictive, lol) The 1st is in 3 sizes, the other 2 are in 4 sizes. Enjoy! hip63 aida64 gauges.7z
  8. Kind of massive but so is the friggin' card! hip63
  9. No time to learn like the present my friend: App: https://www.gimp.org/ How To: https://www.gimp.org/tutorials/ We all start somewhere. hip63
  10. Thanks to the talented people here I was able to craft my own panel out different bits and pieces. I call it "Executive Decision" Thanks everyone! hip63
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