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  1. AIDA should identify the PCI-Devices of the current AMD Chipsets (3xx/4xx/5xx for Zen/Zen2/Zen3) inside the PCI-Device-Page but it doesnt! Problem: On a system with AMD B450 or X470 Chipset, AIDA shows the parts of the Chipset as "AMD Low-Power Promontory Chipset" instead of B450.... or X470 On a system with AMD A520 or B550 as "AMD 500-Series Chipset". Its "very" easy to display the right things - the first device of the chipset (USB XHCI) helps to identify the chipset: A320/B350/X370/X399: 43B9 - X370 USB XHCI 43BA - X399 USB XHCI
  2. After installing my Radeon RX 6900XT there are some new PCI devices but AIDA64 cant identify them... 1002-73A4 - AMD UCM-UCSI Device [1002-73A4] [NoDB] 1002-73A6 - ATI/AMD USB 3.10 eXtensible-Hostcontroller – 1.10 (Microsoft) [1002-73A6] [NoDB] Report.txt
  3. Problem 1 - solved Problem 2-4 open Btw there is the Windows shipped IPMI device driver installed ... ipmiaccessdump.txt ipmidump.txt isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  4. AIDA64 incl. v6.25.5400 has some problems with my EPYC system: - wrong identification of EPYC integrated XHCI - no access to IPMI onboard - no sensor data (FANs) - no DIMM data System: AMD EPYC 7251 ASRockRack EPYCD8-2T/Rev 2 (BIOS P2.50) Windows 20H1 (19041.172) Problem 1: PCI Database problem - PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_145F is shown as "AMD K17 - Reserved" but it's the EPYC integrated XHCI Problem 2: The ASRockRack EPYC8D-2T(Rev 2) has onbaord IPMI based on ASPEED AST2500 but AIDA64 cant get any
  5. On my AMD Picasso based system: AIDA64 6.20.5331 detects 1022:15E5 as an AMD SATA Controller even if its PCI Class 0C0330 (but shows correct ICON for USB). AIDA should identify it as "AMD K17.1 - USB xHCI Controller" AIDA_Bug_K17M1_Rep.txt
  6. Maybe this is because of reading the wrong file for its version! If you just get the version of C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MsMpEng.exe - on my system it get 4.18.1902.5 But if I follow the path from Registry ( HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender\ String "InstallLocation" I get an other path -> "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\platform\4.18.1906.3-0\" Inside this "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Defender\platform\4.18.1906.3-0\" is an other "MsMpEng.exe" with version 4.18.1906.3 - same version is reportet by Windows Defender Info Box
  7. It is possible to access Windows Defender Status using WMI …. https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/previous-versions/windows/desktop/defender/msft-mpcomputerstatus But I'm not sure if AIDA64 (32Bit APP) could use Windows Defender WMI (64 Bit DLL - C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\ProtectionManagement.dll )
  8. AIDA64 shows some strange DeviceIcons for common devices ? Example: any AMD CPU - AIDA64 displays ICON_Z_099 instead of ICON_Z_066. Solution: if Copy(DEVICEIDSTRINGORWHATEVER, 0 , 15)='AUTHENTICAMD_-_' then displayicon:=ICON_Z_066; // like "AuthenticAMD_-_AMD64_Family_23_Model_17_-_AMD_Athlon_200GE_with_Radeon_Vega_Graphics_____" for Intel it should be something like: if Copy(DEVICEIDSTRINGORWHATEVER, 0 , 15)='GENUINEINTEL_-_' then displayicon:=ICON_Z_066; More DeviceIDs and possible Icons: AMDI0030 & AMDIF030 (AMD GPIO) - ICON_Z
  9. AIDA, 6.00.5122, is unable to identify serveral new Windows SKUs, incl. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (0xBC). AIDA reports Windows 10 Professional instead of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise ….. I added the ntdef.h from Windows 18362 SDK with the current definitions; some pictures and reports AIDA_Report_PCI.txt AIDA_BUG_Win10_iot_ent - boinc_stdoutdae.txt AIDA_BUG_Win10_iot_ent - ntdef.h
  10. Only 1 Question left: Why is it working on NT 5.x but not on NT 6.x ? AIDA64 4.7 on NT 6.1 and my small not finished delphi tool: and the current Beta : so its working now ....
  11. here are the dumps ps my simple delphi tool detect all devices even on Windows 10 using winring0 driver simple for bus:=0 to 255 do for dev:=0 to 31 do for func:=0 to 7 do if ReadPCIConfigDword(Mix(bus,dev,func), 0) <>$ffff // checkin VendorID begin ... end; I will check the "fix" later - but why enum PCIdevices by registry if theres is a working (NT5.x) enum by devicedriver ? AIDA_PCI_BUG_NT52_DEVICEDUMP.txt AIDA_PCI_BUG_NT52_PCIDUMP.txt AIDA_PCI_BUG_NT52_REPORT.txt
  12. So back to business: I tested old (4.x) and current (5.0 final not current beta) AIDA64 versions on Windows NT 5.2 (PE 2005) - AIDA64 found all !!!! PCI devices on both segments ! Reboot to Windows NT 6.0 (PE 2007) - only devices on bus 0 & bus 1 Reboot to Windows NT 6.1 (PE 2009) - only devices on bus 0 & bus 1 Reboot to Windows NT 6.4 (PE 2015 - current internal beta) - only devices on bus 0 & 1 againt test with older Windows, Windows NT 5.1 (PE 2004) - AIDA, both 4.7 and 5.0, found all devices Result: AIDA64 could find all devices as long as Windows is NT 5.x and n
  13. Here are the Registry Exports from both systems reg_thor.txt reg_odin.txt
  14. all tested AIDA64 versions are unable to detect all PCI devices on my HP xw9400 based systems: AIDA found only device on PCI bus 0 and 1 - rest (on bus 24,43,44,64,69,70,71,72,107) are missing; because of that, AIDA64 wont display any infos about installed GPU etc. Systems: HP xw9400 Board (OEM Version of Tyan S2915e) Dual Opteron 2382 and Dual Opteron 2427 Windows 7 sp1 x64 and Server 2008r2 x64 sp1 PCI Device List AIDA64 vs SIV PCI Device List AIDA64 vs Windows Device Manager I added: - ACPIDUMP - PCIDUMP - DEVDUMP and SIV-Dumps well if I boot
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