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  1. Thanks. Is it possible to have AIDA64 broadcast on more than one HTTP port? -zc-
  2. Hello good people! I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I would like to add more temperature sensors to my motherboard (Gigabyte Z390 Xtreme Waterforce 5G) which AIDA64 would recognize. The motherboard has two temp. sensors, which AIDA645 sees just fine. No problem there. But I would like to add at minimum two more, so with four of them I can monitor coolant temp. on in-port and out-port of both of my custom loops. I have four in-line fittings which have temperature sensors in them (two per loop), I just don't have a place to plug them in. The motherboard came with Gigabyte's Fan Commander, which has 8 fan ports and two additional temperature sensors, but AIDA64 does not see the additional sensors at all. Neither it does recognize the fan ports on the Commander. Gigabyte's software does, but this is as far as it gets. I tried everything I could think of, but to no avail. I have exchanged messages with FIERY, who suggested for me to ask for help on the forum. I have two questions: 1. Did anyone succeed in integrating the Gigabyte's Fan Commander in AIDA64? If yes, what black magic did you use? 2. Has anyone bees successful in integrating any other solution (standalone Fan Hubs, Sensor Hubs, etc.) from other vendors making them visible to AIDA64? If yes, which device(s) did you use, and what was the integration process? Your time is greatly appreciated! -zc-
  3. I understand from reading some of the threads that the idea of having more than one active sensor panel was considered in the past, but was abandoned due to the complexity of coding which would be necessary to have it implemented. How about the ability to run more than one instance of AIDA64? I have tried all the tricks available in Windows 10 and known to me, inclusive of creating additional user accounts and trying to spin up separate instances of AIDA64 residing in their own, unique folders via Windows' "run as a different user" facility, but came up short. It seems that AIDA64 insists on having only one instance running, no matter what I try. Is there a trick that I am not aware of to make something like this happen? I would love to have two sensor panels (one dedicated to general monitoring, and another one of significance to overclocking activities) with the ability to display them on different local monitors, and with the ability to turn them on-and-off at will. I.E.: off-off, on-off, off-on and on-on for panels 1 and 2. I think I could accomplish something similar by using virtual machine(s), but would prefer to avoid VMs for the sake of simplicity. Is this possible? -zc-
  4. I understand. I was trying to find some references for myself and came out pretty much empty. What I was able to discover during my struggles with the Commander is that it does not show up in the BIOS. It connects to a specific USB header on the motherboard, and then you need to install a piece of software from Gigabyte that presents the controller to the OS. I was able to see the fans and temperature sensors in this program, but AIDA despite me enabling all of the STABILITY elements was not able to see fans and the sensors. At present I am down to three options: 1. Look for another hub/controller that has temperature sensors which AIDA will recognize (I would be most appreciative of any suggestions you can provide), or 2. Pack up the Commander in a box (I happen to have two of them) and send it to you so you can take a swing at it, or 3. Abandon the project. -zc-
  5. OP (golgorod), seems to drop following this thread, but I've just discovered it, and since I am trying to integrate my Gigabyte Fan Commander with AIDA (and am running into problems) I would like to pick up on this thread and see if we can move ahead. The problem I am having is that the Commander's two temp. sensors, and eight fans are not showing in AIDA. I would love for these sensors to be visible to AIDA. Of more importance to me are the temp. sensors, since I would like to use them to monitor the temperature of the two cooling loops I have running. In a pinch, I can move the fans to the existing headers on the motherboard (AIDA picks them just fine, BTW), but I am out of temp sensors. Commander adds two additional temp. sensors to the existing two on the motherboard, expanding the total to four. And this is what I am after. I would like to measure the temps on the mobo loop, both in-flow and out-flow, and in the same for the GPU loop, both in-flow and out-flow, for a total of four. AIDA picks up the two mobo temp headers, but not the two on the Commander. Do I need to enable anything in the config/compatibility menu, or do anything else to see these additional sensors in AIDA? Thanks, and - STAY SAFE! -zc-
  6. Any update worth mentioning? -zc-
  7. I see. Would the best way to monitor the throttling by the GPU be a combination of "GPU PerfCapReason" and "GPU TDP%" sensors? -zc-
  8. Well, thank you very much! Is the source of this information published by Gigabyte, and is it available for general consumption, or is it proprietary to FinalWire? If it is generally available, I would love to get my hands on a copy. -zc-
  9. Actually I have the same question. Motherboard is Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce Xtreme, and the CPU is 9900K in my case. -zc-
  10. Is there an equivalent of the CPU Throttling sensor for Nvidia GPUs that would show the GPU throttling status which can be displayed on a sensor panel? -zc-
  11. Good God! This Logitech "suite" of software is so incredibly poorly written, and I do not think it was QA'd at all. I managed to make it work once. Then it went away and decided not to come back. Which version of LGS did you use? -ZC-
  12. This is good to know. I did all that, but no cigars. Should I be using LGS or Logitech G HUB? Currently I have both installed, and I can see processes labeled LGS and LGHUB running on the PC. When you did you test, which one did you use? -zc-
  13. Right. I can see Logitech's PC Stats and the games I have on my computer, but there is no AIDA Applet. And, BTW, AIDA says "Arx Init OK (DLL Version 9.02.65)". Task Manager shows the following Logitech processes running: LGHUB (2 instances) LGHUB Agent LGHUB Updater Logitech Gaming Framework Logitech Surround Sound Service -zc-
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