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  1. Any update worth mentioning? -zc-
  2. I see. Would the best way to monitor the throttling by the GPU be a combination of "GPU PerfCapReason" and "GPU TDP%" sensors? -zc-
  3. Well, thank you very much! Is the source of this information published by Gigabyte, and is it available for general consumption, or is it proprietary to FinalWire? If it is generally available, I would love to get my hands on a copy. -zc-
  4. Actually I have the same question. Motherboard is Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce Xtreme, and the CPU is 9900K in my case. -zc-
  5. Is there an equivalent of the CPU Throttling sensor for Nvidia GPUs that would show the GPU throttling status which can be displayed on a sensor panel? -zc-
  6. Good God! This Logitech "suite" of software is so incredibly poorly written, and I do not think it was QA'd at all. I managed to make it work once. Then it went away and decided not to come back. Which version of LGS did you use? -ZC-
  7. This is good to know. I did all that, but no cigars. Should I be using LGS or Logitech G HUB? Currently I have both installed, and I can see processes labeled LGS and LGHUB running on the PC. When you did you test, which one did you use? -zc-
  8. Right. I can see Logitech's PC Stats and the games I have on my computer, but there is no AIDA Applet. And, BTW, AIDA says "Arx Init OK (DLL Version 9.02.65)". Task Manager shows the following Logitech processes running: LGHUB (2 instances) LGHUB Agent LGHUB Updater Logitech Gaming Framework Logitech Surround Sound Service -zc-
  9. Oh! That was simple - I did not think about it. Thanks! -zc-
  10. Is it possible to display the time in the 24 hour clock format? I.E. 13:45 vs 1:45 PM? -zc-
  11. Fiery, Thank you for your time! Much appreciated! I installed the Arx Control app on my iPad from Apple's App Store, and yes, it communicates with the computer. I can see my games and PC Stats from within the Arx Control software, but that's about it. I will continue the search. I will let you know if I find one. Full-screen is exactly what I am after. Thanks again, and CHEERS! -zc-
  12. Hello all! I have dug up my old iPad 2 and started playing with both ARX and the LCD functions of AIDA64. I have three questions: What do I need to do to make ARX work with this iPad? I tried a lot of different things, but I can't seem to make it work. I tried to use both the Logitech Ghub and Gaming Software (either latest version) but no joy. I can't seem to communicate with the iPad at all. I know from reading the forums that ARX seems is a bit touchy, but I also know that some folks were able to make it work. I would like to USE ARX since my understanding is it works in the full screen mode, and that it has some other advantages over iOS browser (of which I am not 100% clear on). What would be a good iOS browser to use on the iPad? I am mostly interested in one that offers full-screen mode, and one that is stable. I do not need bells and whistles on it at all, since I am planning on dedicating the iPad to this function and there is not need for fancy internet browsing. So far I was able to identify one (called Full Screen Web Browser by Ankur Diora), but it is not exactly full-screen, and is seems to freeze every so often. What exactly are the advantages of using ARX over an iOS browser? Whoever picks up these questions, thank you very much! -zc-
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