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  1. My First attempt at a panel, gauges came from members here that have posted. Still have several ideas that I wanna use to improve it. 1280x800Panelv1_sensorpanel.ac3fd9e500c912ff02bb13a6b0528e2f
  2. 1. Sensor Panel Layout. 2. PNG (didn't try JPEG, apologies) 3. After awhile of testing and making sure I wasn't just exporting it as a dumb file type I think I found the issue. 3a. Exporting the Image using 8bpc (Any variant) gives the above error, but ONLY when using it as a SensorPanel background, 1280x800. This does not occur when using any other sized image. But when I change to 16bpc (again any variant) I don't get the issue. Would just like to note that I have NO clue what I am really doing on the Photo editing side. But I have managed to get my simple SensorPanel up and running. To add to this, I also tried the latest Beta release (6.25.5423) and the problem is there also. Would also like to note that for some reason (This is not just Aida, unless it somehow is interfering with the Sensor data being displayed for other programs). But for some reason since I installed Aida, the only place that shows my TRUE clock speeds is BIOS. I have my Ryzen 5 1600 running at 3.7ghz and 32gigs of 2400 FlareX memory yet the CPU Shows as 3659 now in ANY program that can pull the data and my RAM displays as DDR4-2373. Not really sure what is happening here. Other than that, everyone seems to be working okay.
  3. Can custom Gauges be extracted from uploaded Sensor panel files?
  4. Getting this error when trying to add a image as background that is resized using GIMP. This only happens for larger size images (1280x800) and not smaller images. Also getting the "Thread creation error: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command" Which happens randomly. Sometimes on boot, sometimes when opening Aida, sometimes when accessing ANY menu within Aida, etc. Solution? Version: 6.25.5400
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