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  1. My First attempt at a panel, gauges came from members here that have posted. Still have several ideas that I wanna use to improve it. 1280x800Panelv1_sensorpanel.ac3fd9e500c912ff02bb13a6b0528e2f
  2. 1. Sensor Panel Layout. 2. PNG (didn't try JPEG, apologies) 3. After awhile of testing and making sure I wasn't just exporting it as a dumb file type I think I found the issue. 3a. Exporting the Image using 8bpc (Any variant) gives the above error, but ONLY when using it as a SensorPanel background, 1280x800. This does not occur when using any other sized image. But when I change to 16bpc (again any variant) I don't get the issue. Would just like to note that I have NO clue what I am really doing on the Photo editing side. But I have managed to get my simple SensorPa
  3. Can custom Gauges be extracted from uploaded Sensor panel files?
  4. Getting this error when trying to add a image as background that is resized using GIMP. This only happens for larger size images (1280x800) and not smaller images. Also getting the "Thread creation error: Not enough memory resources are available to process this command" Which happens randomly. Sometimes on boot, sometimes when opening Aida, sometimes when accessing ANY menu within Aida, etc. Solution? Version: 6.25.5400
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