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  1. I was also looking at this - I also have a Strix 3090 (although I think this would apply for all GPUs), and it would be good to also be able to track the GPU's VRAM temperature. I can see this sensor in HWiNFO (GPU VRM Temperature) - it would be great if this could be available for AIDA to see as well. What is interesting - while many people focus on just the GPU temp (in my case it hovers around 40C), the VRAM temp is around 69C. And when it comes to crypto mining, its often the VRAM temp that becomes the problem (it can get up to 100C) as typically it is on the back of the card and does
  2. Not sure if this helps - but I have an ASUS Crosshair VIII and AIDA can see my water in and out temps (I have two inline sensors attached to MOBO W_IN and W_Out.
  3. Fiery, Thanks for the response, and when I went into the current version (and set the embedded controller (EC) bank switching to enabled) the two water temperature sensors showed up. (so it works for the current version as well as the beta). Last question (probably should make a new thread for this) - is there any way to get the base images of the current gauge (black)? I would like to try and make an extra-large version to fill out my current panel a little better.
  4. Hi, Anyone know how/where to enable the Water in and out temperature settings for this board? All of the other sensors are showing up properly... Currently on registered v6.25 Thanks!
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