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  1. Hi there, i'm running a portable version of AIDA. In my case it's stored in Dropbox or in OneDrive. I see a constant change/write in the file aida64.reg.ini Can anyone confirm this behaviour, how can i fix this - cause even the file is very smal (4 kb) i don't want a permanent change in my cloud drives... thanks and regards
  2. same like this: https://forums.aida64.com/topic/6188-nzxt-kraken-x536373/page/2/ I opened also a case on NZXT support - but they answered me, that nothing is planned here :/
  3. nice - would you do a ZIP of this file?
  4. @Fiery can you check my post from dec 20? because i think there is a problem, using both NZXT and AIDA the same DLLs or something. As i wrote, when the nzxt-cam-software is closed, AIDA reads the sensor...
  5. happy new year! something new?
  6. @Fiery and all... i find out, that the Liquid Sensor is working - but for this, the NZXT CAM Software has to be stopped. Seems that there is a conflict, running both applications. But, NZXT CAM Software is required to control fanspeed and temp-values...
  7. hmm, please tell us - if you find a solution
  8. @Fiery as you can see, i think - i am not alone with this issue
  9. any news on this? Or is anybody out there, with a running NZXT Z63/73 Kraken Sensor? If so, can you please provide us here, with informations on your NZXT driver/USB HID Device? Thanks and regards
  10. oh well, i did this as well. Also, as mentioned i did a delete of the device, and after a reboot it installed as it is. Also with the latest NZXT CAM Software. best regards
  11. don't know which device you mean - for the NZXT i did also a deinstallation, reboot and after that, System find the same driver again - also a new-installation of NZXT CAM software done. All other devices are default, or Vendor related drivers.
  12. I see sensors related to my Z63 - Water-Pump RPM - but no Liquid temperature... greetings usblog.txt
  13. Hi Fiery, as i can say so far - i also tried the current beta - with my Kraken Z63 setup - but still see no WATER Temp sensor. best regards..
  14. what i have to do, to show my OUMP FAN Speed and also the DIMM Voltage? Because i dont have this Sensor in the Configuration - how can i add those? Thanks...
  15. Hi there, can you share this template?? love it!
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