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  1. Aida is my day to day helper..been using it for years. I have it running specifically on an old iPhone 4. It's the sole purpose of that phone. It lays stationary on my Logitech G910 Orion Spark..which has a neat dock for phones. Take a look The template was altered by me from another user..which I can't remember right now but if I do..I will credit asap. It's from the Everest days.
  2. got it working thanks! seems after the isp/router switch aida was blocked on incoming connections. Thanks again, glad I got it working again, I simply love AIDA64 with RemoteSensor!
  3. how do I see what port remote sensor is using? or to configure it. My phone is connected to the same router that my pc is connected to, via 5ghz wireless AC. DO you mean the firewall on the router? if so, yes the whole router is new. Its a Netgear Nighthawk c7000 for Timewarner. I was previously on a Verizon g1100 with Fios.
  4. Hi Fiery, could you help me get RS working again via my phone+wifi? I recently changed my ISP and router and I can no longer access RS via the browser on my phone anymore even while on same wifi network as my localhost pc. I can view RS on my main PC which is hardwired via ethernet to the router/modem in any number of ways ie: http://ocalhost also http://192.168.xx.xx . On my old router with old ISP , I was able to get on wifi via phone and just enter in the local ip and RS popped up instantly. Now it doesn't connect..what am I doing wrong. Thanks.
  5. HOLY CRAP, I just came here to check for any follow ups on this subject and you guys have already implemented it!!! VERY nice job..thank you Fiery for your dedication to this forum and keeping us informed and accepting user feedback and help on this matter.
  6. aww , it's not even a possibility? not even a quick discussion in the aida64 employee lounge? they could bump up the price you know..by about $10-$20 for that feature .. so it mean more $$$$$
  7. we are both Newbies lol, but I think you meant "Emulator"
  8. I know this has been discussed before about a year or so ago, but I was wondering if this may be possibly implemented in the future, or at least an attempt to with an alpha build or so? I have everything I need infront of me on my logitech g19 screen for monitoring while I am in-game( gpu temps, fan speeds, core clock speeds, cpu usage, temps, memory , date an dtime and pc uptime) but the one thing I'm missing is Frames Per Second and DirectX version currently being used. I can easily put it on my pc monitor while in-game with EVGA PrecisionX , but I would rather have it all via AIDA64+Locgitech G19 LCD. Any idea if creating a rough alpha build implementing currently available RTSS monitoring software ie: msi afterburner, evga precisionx or rivatuner? thanks
  9. same exact things happen to me with every version of aida64..Disabling some of the things mentioned "helps"..but I will not stand for that..I don't want even 1 tiny spike in my fps because of a software running in the background. EVEREST "NEVER" did this. This alone is a deal breaker for me. What use is it to be able to monitor your hardware ( as a gamer) if you'll get fps hiccups every 5 seconds? I recently bought a Logitech G19..and have reverted to EVEREST 5.50 due to these fps issues. The only downside with everest ( it may be because I'm using a newer BETA driver) is that I cant monitor my GPU clocks. But AIDA does. edit: OK so i decided to go back in time and tried out v1.00.1111 NO ISSUES what so ever! I don't know what you guys implemented since then to the GPU aspect of the software..but after v1.0 , something went wrong!
  10. If in game FPS is implemented AND the horrible game lag every 5 seconds when AIDA64 is running disappears, I WILL DEFINITELY BUY THIS SOFTWARE..in the meantime I'll just stick with MSI AFTERBURNER which is free and works with my G19, just not as pretty. Also there's no CPU and memory readings from Afterburner. So a definite buy from me if this all gets sorted out soon. edit: so i discovered that v1.00.1111 is the only version that doesnt screw up my gaming experience . No frame drops every 5 seconds as i was getting in v1.50 and v1.60 ( including betas).
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