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  1. Hmm, got me thinking now. My screen has 2 power connectors, one is 'power only' (which is what it's connected by), the other is 'touch', now I wonder if that means it could shut off in that mode? Only realized this tonight, lol, but will try tomorrow, as I cant be bothered opening case tonight. Possible
  2. Thanking you kindly indeed Great stuff!
  3. Tried that very cable, same, even made my own ghetto job cable, same Thx anyway! I resorted to getting a switched USB hub, so all I gotta do is remember to press a button now @ shut down lol
  4. Lovely. Can u just share as a pack please.
  5. The only thing I find irritating (for me anyway), is I can't find a way to have my panel turn off with PC, it always remains on, unless I enable ERP in BIOS, but doing so messes up all my other USB devices RGB settings, and external DAC, so I must leave this disabled. I'd like to have the panel kill at shutdown though.
  6. Works great! All fixed, temps all match up, many thx
  7. Here is my iteration, and a big thx to Liao Joey for the gauges! (first gauge is out in size, in his/hers set) just letting you know, but I fixed it 1024x600 screen, does me, but will continue to tweak here and there
  8. Can confirm. With my 3090, it's exact same, always 2+ more than Windows 10, GPUz or anything else. 6.30.5500
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