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  1. New project, as well based on NZXT CAM, for white setups. I will share all the files when finish to work on it. 800x480
  2. Love this one, dude!! Probably one of the best integration between content and background I've seen around here. Probably I would put the FPS out of the graph in some way, that's the only thing I don't like too much. Congrats anyway!
  3. I have a technical question. Does anyone know how the gauges work internally? I mean: I want to make one that only illuminates when reaching a target value (144 FPS in this case). I am testing with my laptop, with the battery percentage parameter (0-100%). The custom gauges have 16 states, so if I want the gauge to illuminate only with 100%, I supose I have to put 0 as a Min. value and more than 100 as Max. value, in order to avoid the programm to make the gauge visible before the battery reaches 100% (100/16=6,25%; 6,25x15=93,75%, so theorically after 93,75% the gauge will illuminate, and I don't want that). Instead of this, I am testing that if I put 103.44 as Max. value, the gauges illuminate at 100% but surprisingly not at 99%, and I don't know why (putting a value bigger than 103.44 is not working, as at 100% of battery the gauge does not illuminate. 103.44 following the English rule, 103,99 following the Spanish one; I'm Spanish so I have the programm in Spanish). Teorically, 103.44/10=6,465%, x15=96,98% (97,49%), so I thought that the gauge was going to illuminate at 97, 98, 99 and 100%. Does someone has an explanation? EDIT: for someone who wants a gauge working as I want. Following the same paramater as above, a way is to put 99 as Min. value and 100 as Max. value. I suppose it will be the same with FPS: 143 and 144 as values. If someone can bear it out, I would appreciate it!
  4. Here you have my custom gauge and bar in .zip and in editable files (.psd). Bar.zip Gauge.psd Bar.psd Gauge.zip
  5. This is the project I'm currently working on. When finished, I'll share with you all the files!
  6. A custom gauge I've made for the last version of my personal SensorPanel. Hope you like it!
  7. This is my first attempt to make a "cool" InWin personalized SensorPanel that fits with my setup. I'll appreciate critiques and ideas to improve it! 800x480
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