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  1. Just tried too but unlike the other one I made, this one seems huge and is too large to upload. Its 24MB uncompressed and 12MB zipped up!? Anyone know what would cause this?
  2. Sure, please share, maybe I can figure it out. I was thinking a solution would involve som,ething a bit more basic like parsing and reading the log file in Nicehash though?
  3. Using Nicehash if it matters. I have my Laptop and PC doing double duty (gaming and mining) and have Sensorpanels on both showing heat and usage. Would be nice to actually show the hashrates etc though.
  4. For anyone interested, I made a case for this awesome little screen: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-case-for-beadapanel-6-8-lcd-screen-154845
  5. Made a SensorPanel (mostly hacked together from Jav M's nice clean "KICS", thanks!) for the new 6.8" Beadapanel 1280x480. I also made a 3D case for it and got a USB-C to right angle Micro-USB adapter. Using it as monitor for my HP Omen 15" when it mines crypto. alan mod omen.belcd alan mod omen.sensorpanel Beadapanel to Thermaltake Massive 20 34mm clamp.stl Backing plate3.stl Case Front Beadaboard4.stl
  6. Made another, heavily inspired and reworked from Nasho's, but for 9:16, high res OLED display on my old phone. Hopefully some tasteful plagiarism is ok!?
  7. Hi all, just learned about Aida64 and Odoshare this morning. Whipped up this Cyberpunk (not necessarily 2077) themed street corner/ monitoring view for my half-dismantled, broken old Galaxy Edge S6+ (battery removed, runs directly on 5v). Kinda happy with it after just a short period! I'll see how I can integrate it into the case tomorrow. Also having the phone turn on automatically would be nice, so far no dice. If I get an 8.8" standalone screen I will be using Nashö's though!
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