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  1. @Fiery any update on this? It has been a while without any update on this issue and I am still waiting to be able to monitor my cooler fans on my Beada Panel.
  2. I have the latest BETA version for AIDA64 and the only sensor I am seeing from the AIO is the pump fan from the motherboard since it has a connector from the pump to the motherboard CPU fan header and it shows up as the CPU fan in AIDA64. The rest of the six fans connected to the iCUE controller core are not detected by AIDA64 and I have all the Corsair options other than Corsair Link sensor support checked in the stability section of the preferences. Attached is the USB dump you guys normally ask for in the other posts I have seen. Could use some help figuring this out to get my AIO fans detected in AIDA64 as I have a BeadaPanel to display statistics and fan speeds and would like to monitor these fans. Thanks for any help you can provide. usbdump.txt
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