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  1. Working on the 600x1024, will have clock speeds for CPU and GPU in this one.
  2. Sorry for the lacking presence. I will work on a few versions of the theme, just give me a bit of time. From what I’ve read its: 600x1024 1920x1200 800x480
  3. Sure. NeutralColor_v1.sensorpanel
  4. Final layout for 1024x600. Will start on a 600x1024.
  5. Here you go NeutralColor.zip
  6. Did you set the screen size to 1024x600 in settings
  7. Here you go. Made the adjustment to the RAM text and circle as noted by @Imraneo NeutralColor.sensorpanel
  8. Thank you. I'll do a 600 x 1024. Credit goes to @Imraneo, I just made it work to fit my screen.
  9. Thanks for the feedback Imraneo, this was my first attempt. I tried to keep the utilisation circle the same ratio to the others as you did but I see what you’re saying. I’ll make the change since it really does look odd.
  10. I modified your panel design for 1024x600. Had to redo all the graphics as they got terribly pixelated once scaled down. Hope you like it.
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