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  1. I am having trouble running through usb. I have it in debug mode and it works via wifi but i could really use it by usb only. Any info would be great Thanks
  2. Yeah good case. I am having trouble getting a good photo of it as I have mirror tinted the glass screen which looks great to the naked eye with the dim lighting shining through but it just looks like a mirrored garbage when photographed. I have tried a little screen in there which looks great through the glass but I was not happy with how it was so waiting on a new long but narrow screen for the bottom and I am going to use a odriod c2 board with android running the remote panel app. Here is an early photo before cable clean up, led placement etc without the glass panel
  3. Thanks again my want another in the future but most excellent for my current usage
  4. Nice NR200P build love it. Have the same case but done a full custom loop with a 280mm radiator at the bottom. I hope to have a 1920 by 480 lcd at the bottom of the case and use an android device to display aida64 sensor as I struggle with keeping my sensor on a screen when connected to a PC as I am constantly turning off my main monitor to do vr gaming or work. Also which my commander pro would behave with both aida64 and corsair link. Great build
  5. You can tell me to go away but any chance of 1920 x 1200. Not a problem if not as you are a star.
  6. Many thanks the extremely quick response. Sorry to be very cheeky but do you have this in 1920 x 1080 so I can use my pad.
  7. Really like this but very new. My screen is 800x480 so any advice on converting
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