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  1. Another way to check this : in AIDA64 -> Motherboard -> SPD -> Memory Module Features -> Thermal Sensor -> Present (tick) or not present...
  2. Did some reading and understand its not common. Your ram needs to support the feature for it to be sensored. If so -enable 'DIMM thermal sensor support' n AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability. Restart after enabling. Let us know if it works?
  3. So i placed and locked my sensorpanel on the 2nd mini screen connected via hdmi to my gpu. Why occasionally when i open certain apps from the main screen desktop/taskbar do they open on the mini-screen, underneath the sensorpanel? How can one prevent that and have all apps on the main desktop?
  4. hi all - new to this i am. Have scrolled through 40 pages of this thread and must say : there are many beauty contest winners here. Much creativity. I have tried importing a few panels and started mastering the tweaks needing to point it at the sensors i have to show. One thing puzzling is the up&down load speeds - cant get any of those working? Thanks in advance for any help
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