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  1. hi Guys. i need help pls. My sensor panel was off line (deactivated) for a while. Now, when i load my old panels they all come out jumble/mixed up / distorted. All the elements are out of place. And the background seems much larger than the standard resolution i used to have it set at. I thought one had corrupted but all 4 that i used to alternate between are similarly distorted. See example attached. The only change that was made on pc that i can think of is that my main (not 2nd screen) was changed from 2k to 4k res. Does anyone have idea what might have happened pls?
  2. Another way to check this : in AIDA64 -> Motherboard -> SPD -> Memory Module Features -> Thermal Sensor -> Present (tick) or not present...
  3. Did some reading and understand its not common. Your ram needs to support the feature for it to be sensored. If so -enable 'DIMM thermal sensor support' n AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability. Restart after enabling. Let us know if it works?
  4. So i placed and locked my sensorpanel on the 2nd mini screen connected via hdmi to my gpu. Why occasionally when i open certain apps from the main screen desktop/taskbar do they open on the mini-screen, underneath the sensorpanel? How can one prevent that and have all apps on the main desktop?
  5. hi all - new to this i am. Have scrolled through 40 pages of this thread and must say : there are many beauty contest winners here. Much creativity. I have tried importing a few panels and started mastering the tweaks needing to point it at the sensors i have to show. One thing puzzling is the up&down load speeds - cant get any of those working? Thanks in advance for any help
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