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  1. by loading into Aida sensor panel, import
  2. Fiery youve got to do something about this 6mb upload limit!! its daft in todays world! plz!
  3. Im working on a proper Hud Style panel so Ive made some proper funky orange and blue Hud style gauges for my new panel project, they got green bands to go in and ive flipped for left and right, im well chuffed had to share someone will love em too theres big blue outers gauges nice new needle centres gauges and green bars to add as seperate gauges that are sized to fit between they look awsome nothing like it here so will be able to configure 3 sensors in one large gauge, ive left space for seperate temp/util sensors so can be added without overlapping to bad!!! added some smaller orange ring gauges ive made and are going to use and some inners without needles
  4. cant upload anymore limited to another 20.68kb so cpu bar a miss removed some of the needle stuff got the cpu in
  5. got bored of my last and chopping up others panels and backgrounds so made my own from scratch to suite the gauges ive made a load of different bars and flipped all sorts upside down L2R R2L im sure some will find uses for some 1383809046_allneedle.rar
  6. been dicking around with this one for a week or so, nearly happy few more tweaks im sure, nicked a couple of customs off here and chopped them up edited but all my gauges are customs made by me!
  7. switch the plug in one off you can see ive 4 disks listed for activity OS on C (980) only 2 listed in the sensor tab the 860 evo's
  8. as you can see thats my options with the 980 m2 installed with OS on it one of them ssd is a usb hub plug in, so 3 disks
  9. Hi Fiery, sorry for delay been manic few days nothing doesnt even show up in the sensor panel manager now since ive re installed OS and not installed any of the intel rapid shite, as my samsung hard drives run faster and better with their own drivers, no temp sensors, or smart activitiy shows although ive got a histogram running of its activity thats it, well at least i think i have, as ive 3 samsung ssd in the rig and all three show up in the panel manager as there C, D, E , but i dont see the 980 pro listed or the above mentioned to draw too for power, temp or activity if i choose to make a sensor
  10. Hi Ive been using Aida for many years and yes i paid for it several years ago, always been half decent at monitoring your pc years back, and ive spent many wasted hours making HWM screens in Aida, ive now reluctanlty had to move on from a Logitech key board with a display that served my needs and also now a totally new rig but the keyboard change ment no system monitoring now youve got the likes of HWiNFO and others and to be totally straight with you, my mother boards got more sensors &hardware monitoring abilites than Aida has these days, ive got pumps rads and all sorts but can find ways wit hall them just about, the thing thats got me me ticked off is the £200 SSD PCIe4 SSD that running the OS and notorious for running hot i cant monitor through Aida, Samsung Evo 980 1Tb NVMe M2 primarily because i choose not to install intel rapid shit to run them, I currently have it forced onto a samusng 970 driver, as for some bollocks un known reason samsung sell the flagship SSD on a microsoft driver, if i let the intel rapid shit ake over my SSD disapears from Magician software and from my Bios although runs perfectly fine, and then does get picked up in i do also now when looking at the the HWM screen ive spent hrs making again recently, its dated in its entity as it looks a bit more polished the o0nes ive made in the past, but the general structures still as it was 15 years ago, HWinfo64 has an almost limitless list of things to monitor and linked with more modern and fresh ways to present it through the likes of modbros etc any thoughts on someone doing the same here???
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