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  1. Morning, sorry cant help you with that one im afraid, ive never imported a panel in all the years ive been using this program, always made one, im happy to resize the back ground for you but im not sure the png files for the bars will fit or not as ive never tried it im pretty sure the whole thing has to be resized, someone here will know for sure thats 819x480
  2. then put you hand in your pocket and water cool it simples
  3. I dont have that issue with a 2080ti never drops below 60fps on a 40 inch 4k max out settings or when in VR, but i usually turn it off in vr as i cant see it anyway no matter how ever i try with a galaxy 8 camera cant do the panel justice from a small distance looks blurred, but you get why i wanted a blue panel
  4. i use a IPS LCD for a screen in the case if thats what you looking to do its more than able to display in good res and viewable from all angles and you can pick a decent one up for around £60
  5. I have reached my journies end with my mission to build a Hud style panel. my last was good but in the end I realised it was a little bit to busy, to many radial dials!!! and it didnt contrast to well on the display, this on the other hand to me is perfection! im not about to start another! enjoy, here are all the gauges in rar too if your having any issues with panel DL let me know if ive missed something PNG sensor panel not LCD 1024 x 600 update made some blue linear HD capacity bars to go below the HD radials and added the mini orange nee
  6. Hey, no prob I will do soon, im not quite finished with it yet but very close, the format i create mine in and for is Png image sensor panel not LCD
  7. youll need to use a picture editing app or software, like adobe, gimp, unity to re size images
  8. i dont use any gif buddy all png
  9. done all the back grounds are in my previous post above pg98
  10. send me your email fella in PM and ill put all the gauges and bits together for you and email them to you
  11. Oh dear! that looks a bit of a mess, but ive had this happpen before, you can try going into the aida folder on C: clear the contrents of the sensor panel folder and try again!!!!! when youve alot of png images saved in the folder it can get messed up ocassionally. Ive a new one on the way too couldnt help myself the next one is gonna be bit special!! sneaky peak!
  12. can only be used in LCD not sensor panel
  13. well the one in your link is a 1080ti, so you know it could be the other way around, he ripped that off and stuck it up as his own!!!! as so often in life some like to claim others work as theyre own!!? and imo tbh this panel is mostly all show and no go!!!!! animated gif nonsense serves no purpose than to please the eye
  14. couldnt help myself few bits were niggling at me, so made some new bars to fit into the background, MMASSive improvement, got to move a few bits around to fit them in, there on png clear back grounds this time so no black bubbles, those of you that have download the panel and perhaps re arranged or kept ill either re up the panel with new bars when ive finished as ive yet to flip a few about and or try to zip all the bars up and post with my 2.3mb allowance so this is where ive ended up back to the new bars are a worthy addition made a cple changes only to the
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