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  1. Sorry buddy I dont speak any Chinese im afraid :/ but looks great
  2. im sure youve managed to make something for yourself, this is what the final panel looked like when i finished it , a fair bit more polished than the one you quoted from how you getting on with making up your own from it? post a screenshot 250+ downloads
  3. your in luck i thought id deleted it but doing some serious clearing up from the mess making 5 panels made i found it today, im sure everythings there and some other stuff too NEW-HUD.rar
  4. its 0-15 so its 16 stages and 6.25% per stage
  5. I think your right Fiery the SS software doesnt seem to refresh its self regularly
  6. I raised a topic about 9 months ago, couldnt even find the drive to report temps, so now given some updates its now recognisable as previously not but the temps its reporting dont tie in with SS Magician software report, its reporting 33 degrees Aida 43degrees see attached pic both displayed thoughts?? thanks
  7. Dude theres an awful lot of folk in here with no manners! the basics of please and thank you cost you nothing and get you everywhere! my last 4 odd decent panels shared taught me that some im afraid are reared with these manners!
  8. Sorry i dont have any of this one left now i can find
  9. It would seem this ones well liked, as ive been asked quite a few times for it now , I moved on from this one to my later posted full Adobe panel and its still the one im using so Im not current, but here is as much of it i can find left shared, I wont be able to help any re size you'll have to install gimp an use the templates to do that yourself 3 rar i think are different gauges 1032486152_3D-HUD-Allfiles.rar 3D-HUD.sensorpanel 3.rar
  10. No I dont sorry, i know from people who have download some panels ive shared have experienced the same, but as this person so politely asked for some help i sent him a load of files to play with so he could learn some basics to panels from source files as opposed to downloading and importing an Aida panel file that often ends up all over the place, and can never be corrected as ive experienced from importing my own panel files recently having made 4 in the last 6 months and shared 3 of them for a while. what ever part of the world you come from manners cost you nothing and get you every where If folk are brought up not to understand the concept of Please & Thank you then I dont have the time, and im sure they're are others feel the same sentiment
  11. if you do a bit of digging around you can find the ORIGINAL of this on the tinternet, another Vector stock image been tweaked and called theyre own!
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