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  1. No I dont sorry, i know from people who have download some panels ive shared have experienced the same, but as this person so politely asked for some help i sent him a load of files to play with so he could learn some basics to panels from source files as opposed to downloading and importing an Aida panel file that often ends up all over the place, and can never be corrected as ive experienced from importing my own panel files recently having made 4 in the last 6 months and shared 3 of them for a while. what ever part of the world you come from manners cost you nothing and get you every where If folk are brought up not to understand the concept of Please & Thank you then I dont have the time, and im sure they're are others feel the same sentiment
  2. if you do a bit of digging around you can find the ORIGINAL of this on the tinternet, another Vector stock image been tweaked and called theyre own!
  3. Gimp is a good place to start with learning the tools needed to start making a half decent panel, I started with gimp, but it has its limitations, and hence why i moved on to Adobe AI and PS and Unity, far more polished in the finer details of what you can do, and if you want eye candy gauges then definately AI if your only looking to make simple bars for a lamptron bay display then Gimp will be more than adequate, do everything in PNG and layers youll need 0-15 (16 layers) youll find some tutorials online for basics but take a while to find a few where they dont rabble on!! good luck if you send me your email i might have afew gimp templates for you to mess about with that are already bars you might just have to resize for your purpose
  4. I have emailed you something
  5. took me all of 45 seconds! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Longruner-Raspberry-Various-Systems-LSC7B-1/dp/B07KRX3QCQ/ref=sr_1_27?dchild=1&keywords=7+in+lcd+frame&qid=1622316475&s=computers&sr=1-27
  6. The reality of how many hours go into making something like this i dont quite think you under stand, so how would you go about deciding how much you'd pay someone to make a bespoke panel for you makes me wonder, hourly rate? as you would be charged by a programmer/graphics designer it would set you back a small fortune lol This one might not be to your liking, but any nice looking sensor panels take alot of time to get right, alot of hours spent on adobe AI PS unity, crossing over between programs to make the finished project, all be it im no day to day PC user who earns a living from it, I install bespoke high end bathrooms for a living, but I have been building high end gaming rigs for many years and using Aida and making panels for best part of 20 years and you get better and better at it, Start with Gimp and move forward. I taught myself to use Adobe in a week! Or you could just do what some muppets here do, find it on the net alter it a bit, and claim it as your own!!!!!
  7. Any joy on when we might be able to get the samsung 980 pro temps up Fiery??? thanks
  8. I dont speak spanish fella, have message you
  9. says someone who doesnt know the word please!!! do one
  10. my first full adobe panel
  11. nice to see someone else likes a hud style panel, ive just progressed from gimp to AI and PS, and finishing my first from scratch adobe panel cple more bits to make
  12. R0FL so you post something from a few years ago, theres copies of these gauges pre date 2012! vector stock images! mug! bit like this one, claimed as their own work been floating around long before the bull*hit rofl
  13. rofl let me guess you made them too ha!! those gauges have been around as long as ive been using aida!!!!
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