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  1. Compared to the WD Raptors, SSD is down right cold. IMHO, a temp sensor for SSD is moot.Once you taste SSD speed, giving up a temp sensor is cheap at 1/2 the price. Thank you for supporting our needs in such a timely manor. Also, thanks to myarmor for the original request. I just got used to it, lazy I guess...
  2. Thank you Fiery, you da man!Fast and sweet! Easy to find the right HDD to customize and relabel the OSD Drive ID! It was such a pain to figure out which of my many HDD's had the high temp/bad sensor. Best part, your hard work to keep the code tight is VERY much appreciated and noted! Just as fast on loading, as this finicky customer expects... Ahh, spoiled rotten and proud of it! After almost 5 years, you folks still make me smile! enjoy Just a note, my SSD does not come up on the ODS items, fine by me though. The MoBo or SSD controller did NOT read the correct temp anyway, maybe by design... It did show the fake SSD temp in the earlier version (pre-1.5), but I just disabled the HDD so it might have been removed earlier. Don't ready care and I'm OK with my ignorance
  3. 5 years and no clue...I vote this for a sticky or a new Tricks-N-Tips page...
  4. Add me to the list! Two digit drive number (01) and last 4 of serial number. Guess this could be moved to Brainstorming.
  5. Howdy Fiery, you folks have never let me down when you supported Everest UE. Your reply only shows our money is well spent. I still feel the yearly fees for Everest was well spent and voting with my wallet has been my standard operating procedure. Thanks for the free copy, I have a feeling R&D on in this fast moving HDW field is NOT free. I raise my cuppuccino in salute to FinalWire's longevity and success. By the way, I plan to renew my free copy in December. Appropriate for the American electoral system and your commercial SUCCE$$ Who heck can live off thanks alone! enjoy
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